Gravity Rush 2's Online Servers May Have Been Temporarily Saved by Fans

No need to race to farm Dusty Tokens, yet.

When news struck late last year that the servers of the highly underrated Gravity Rush 2 were going to be shut down only a year after release, it felt like a failure. Gravity Rush 2 is primarily a single-player game, but its online servers helped foster its own mini-online community where players helped one another explore the game. And while its community may be small, they're a vocal one. Since completing online challenges was the only way to get Dusty Tokens, the exclusive currency needed to buy three bonus costumes, players were displeased at the premature shutdown.

It was an unceremonious announcement for the game's online shuttering too. As spotted by Polygon, some fans even began tweeting in protest under the hashtag #DontForgetGravityRush, hoping to convince publisher Sony to reconsider the closure in showing the fervent community the game still has.

With no other explanation, this delay popped up in-game. Could fans have inspired this change of heart?

Luckily, Sony has seemingly heard the outcry according to a new pop-up in-game, and the shutdown of Gravity Rush 2's servers has been extended from the original date of January 28, to July 18, 2018 at 10 p.m. PDT / July 19, 2018 at 1 a.m. EDT. That means, players have a few more months to share screencaps as "Photo Ghosts" in-game, land on leaderboards, take part in online challenges, send treasure hints via photos, and more. When the game's servers ultimately shutdown, no earnable trophies will be affected.

When the shutdown was announced, Sony noted that in the meantime that the the drop rate was increased for Dusty Tokens to help players get those last three Dusty Token-exclusive costumes: Work Clothes, Schoolgirl 1.0, and Shifter 1.0. With the extension players at least have even more time to attain the high costing clothes. Best to drop those online Photo Ghosts while you still can though.

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