Greenlight Deadly Premonition for PC Right Now

Swery65's cult classic Twin Peaks-inspired game Deadly Premonition is headed to PC.

News by Pete Davison, .

There's no justice in the world, is there? Whatever scale you're looking at things.

Case in point -- which, obviously, I'm not attempting to compare with anything that really represents some sort of miscarriage of justice, I'm just being facetious -- is the apparent upcoming PC release of Swery65's cult classic Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut.

Yay, you might think. An underappreciated gem with one of the best protagonists of any game ever is finally coming to an audience that will almost definitely recognize and like what it's doing. It's an ideal fit for a digital marketplace that specializes in a combination of high-profile blockbusters and quirky indie titles, you might think. Somewhere like Steam, say.

So why, then, in the name of all that is good and pure, does this game -- well-established and well-known if not exactly universally appreciated in its console incarnations -- have to go through Steam's Greenlight system?

On the off-chance that you're unfamiliar with Swery's opus, it's a Twin Peaks-inspired romp through the fictional North American town of Greenvale as FBI agent Francis York Morgan attempts to unravel the mystery behind the murder of a young girl. Along the way, he comes into contact with a variety of peculiar characters, each of whom have their own part to play in the unfolding mystery.

The game unfolds as an open-world adventure in which you play York as he goes about his business investigating the case. You'll walk, run and drive around the playground that is Greenvale, either following the main story or undertaking some of the many, many sidequests that are available, each of which teaches you a little more about the small town's various residents.

If it all sounds a little conventional, that's not taking into account York himself, who is a fascinating character, much like his inspiration Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. York is constantly talking to someone named "Zach," and one of the biggest mysteries in the game -- which I won't spoil for you here if you're yet to play it -- is exactly who this "Zach" person is. Conversations with Zach take all sorts of forms, ranging from discussions of the case to surprisingly in-depth and well-considered contemplations on popular '80s and '90s movies such as Back to the Future. They're a highlight of the experience.

Publisher Rising Star Games notes in response to a concerned potential customer that "everything will be included in the box... well, not box, package. Virtual download. Game!" for no extra charge. If you've already played the Xbox 360 original release and the more recent PS3 Director's Cut version, there's reason enough to check this out again thanks to enhanced visuals with new textures and new bonus DLC exclusive to the PC version, along with all the enhancements the PS3 version brought to the table. There'll also be new achievements and Steam Trading Card support for those who have bought into Valve's latest scheme.

There's no word on a release date as yet, but you can check out the Greenlight page (and vote "Yes" -- you know it's the right thing to do) right here.

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