Gris is a Gorgeous Looking Platformer Coming to Switch and PC This December

We still don't know much about this game, but it sure looks pretty.

Devolver Digital released the first trailer for GRIS developed by Nomada Studio. While Devolver also sent along a summary of the game, it doesn't quite do the same justice as the gorgeous reveal trailer below.

Gris is a platformer with light puzzle elements "free of danger." Instead Gris focuses on a young girl in her own world dealing with personal trauma. Her pain is manifested in her dress which gains new abilities as players progress. From the sound of it, Gris is a game meant to be experienced rather than bested, but there are "optional skill-based challenges" along the way.

Gris will be available at both Gamescome and PAX West later this month. Art is being done by Conrad Roset while the game's soundtrack is composed by Berlinist. There is no release date other than the fact Gris is coming to Switch and PC in December.

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