Ground Zeroes Gets a Price Drop, Companion App and Content for Phantom Pain

The upcoming Metal Gear prologue has some added extras.

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Ground Zeroes, the upcoming standalone prologue chapter for Metal Gear Solid V, has come under fire recently for apparently being rather short -- claims that were swiftly rebuffed by both Konami and people who had actually played the game.

Still, some concerns remain in gamers' minds, primarily over the pricing structure -- many see what they interpret to be a glorified demo as being too expensive, particularly on the next-gen platforms it's designed to shine on. In response to these concerns, Konami has lowered the price of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical and digital versions of Ground Zeroes from $39.99 to $29.99, which brings them in line with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 physical counterparts. The 360 and PS3 digital versions will still be a further $10 cheaper at $19.99.

Alongside the price drop, Konami has also announced a few added bonuses for those who pick up Ground Zeroes. First up is some "exclusive" DLC for The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Solid V proper. The DLC will provide players with additional resources for an area called Mother Base that is introduced in Ground Zeroes and explored further in The Phantom Pain. Furthermore, those who play Ground Zeroes will be able to use their save file to unlock additional content in The Phantom Pain. Prisoners of war and VIPs you rescue in the prequel will carry across the The Phantom Pain as additional staff for Mother Base, giving you an advantage in the early game. You'll also be able to carry over any character skins you unlock.

A companion iOS and Android app will also launch alongside Ground Zeroes. Dubbed iDroid -- do you see what they did there? -- the app will replicate Big Boss' in-game device and allow you to call up maps, play the collectible cassette tapes or summon the seemingly obligatory air support found in most other second-screen companion apps.

Ground Zeroes is set for release on March 18.

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  • Avatar for joevillarosa17 #1 joevillarosa17 4 years ago
    I was still willing to pay the original price. Hurray for savings!
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  • Avatar for TheColorUrple #2 TheColorUrple 4 years ago
    I can't help but feeling completely underwhelmed by this whole Ground Zeroes project. I think this largely has to do with the lack of proximity between releases - The Phantom Pain is probably the future game I'm most excited to play, and we don't even have a release date for it yet. Plus, I'm sure Ground Zeroes will be bundled with the main game in certain release packages, and I am betting it will be more fulfilling to experience both releases at the same time back-to-back as the FULL Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima even said he regrets the gap in releases, so don't expect Ground Zeroes will hold up well by itself.
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  • Avatar for #3 4 years ago
    Kojima is the one guy who can make a game and it could be one hour TOTAL and I'd pay 40 bucks.
    Funny how many around the web in forums keep calling it a demo. So sure of themselves without having played the thing.
    Everyone seems to have missed the other people who played it at that trade show I'm forgetting the name of at the moment that just happened and said that finishing only the main story gives you 12% completion, meaning there is that much more to do outside of dashing through the main plot.)

    The indignant can go sit in a corner and pat each other on the back about how they skipped Ground Zeroes like they somehow outsmarted the evil, greedy corporations.
    I'll be over in the other corner having fun with it.
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  • Avatar for eodx9000 #4 eodx9000 4 years ago
    Makes an even better buy compared to any number of a majority of the Triple-A $60 yearly releases.
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