Grounded: How to Get Mint Chunks

Grounded: How to Get Mint Chunks

Mint Chunks are needed to make one of the strongest tools in Grounded. Here's where to find them and how to open the Ice Caps Mint Container to get to them.

While exploring the small but scary world of Grounded you'll come across everyday objects that serve as landmarks due to their large size. Something as simple as an Ice Caps Mint Container can dwarf your character and serve as a point of interest, and that's exactly where you'll need to go in order to get Mint Chunks. In this guide we'll show you exactly where to find Mint Chunks in Grounded, and how to open the Ice Caps Mint Container to get to them.

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Where to Find Mint Chunks in Grounded

To find Mint Chunks in Grounded you will need to head to the Ice Caps Mint Container. It is fairly close to the starting area of the game, Northwest from the first lab you find. We've shown it's location on the map below, head there to continue.

Here's where to find Mint Chunks | Jake Green/USG

How to Open the Ice Caps Mint Container

To open the Ice Caps Mint Container you will simply need to hit the top of the case. This will pop open the dispenser lid, revealing the mints hidden within.

Hit the lid to open it | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Mint Chunks From the Mints

To get the Mint Chunks from the mints you will need a tier 2 hammer. It's called the Insect Hammer and if you haven't got the recipe yet you can get it by analyzing the Boiling Gland of a Bombardier Beetle (tips on finding and killing one here). Hit the mints with your hammer to break them apart. You now have Mint Chunks!

If you're looking for more on Grounded be sure to read Mat's piece on its spiders. Elsewhere there's Mike's impressions of the early access version of the game.

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