Grounded: Where to Find Flower Petals

Grounded: Where to Find Flower Petals

Flower Petals are a fairly rare resource in Grounded. Here's where to find them and what they're used for.

As you spend more and more time in Grounded's tiny world you'll start unlocking better armor, tools and weapons. These require rarer resources to craft, such as Flower Petals. Flower Petals aren't found in many areas of the map, which is why we've detailed where to find them in this guide. We'll pinpoint Flower Petal locations on the map so you can start collecting them and using them to craft with.

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Where to Find Flower Petals in Grounded

To find Flower Petals in Grounded you will need to head to the rose plants located in the Eastern part of the map. You'll be able to see them easily from any vantage point given their big red flowers and their relatively large size when compared to other nearby foliage. You'll find Flower Petals on the ground near these plants and only need to pick them up to add them to your inventory. We've marked this location on the map below. Something to be careful about are the Ladybugs (more on dealing with them here) and Orb Weaver spiders nearby. Stick close to the waterline in this area and you will be fine.

Here's where to go | Jake Green/USG

What Can You Craft Using Flower Petals?

Flower Petals have a number of uses but their main use is as a component for the Ladybug Shinguard armor. This is a great early-game armor so make sure you pick up any Flower Petals you see lying around. While you're in this area you should consider also picking up some Quartzite (more info on that in this guide).

Flower Petals can be found on the floor | Jake Green/USG

If you're looking for more on Grounded be sure to read Mat's piece on it's spiders. Elsewhere there's Mike's impressions of the early access version of the game.

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