Grounded: Where to Find Quartzite

Grounded: Where to Find Quartzite

Quartzite is a hard, rocky material that must be smashed open to harvest it. Here's where to find it.

Once you've gotten your bearings in Grounded you'll want to focus on crafting better gear to help you survive. Some of the high-level tools and armor requires an element called Quartzite, found in large rocky deposits that look almost like big cubes of unrefined salt. It's pretty rare, usually tucked away in caves guarded by enemies, but there is one location you can find early on that is relatively safe to navigate. In this guide we'll show you where to find Quartzite in Grounded, and how to harvest it.

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Where fo Find Quartzite in Grounded

To find Quartzite in Grounded you will need to head to the Mysterious Machine in the Southwest area of the map. You'll need to follow the wire of the malfunctioning laser tower as it leads into a cave filled with Lawn Mites. Bring a torch and ideally a spear with you and follow the cable until you reach the Quartzite at the end of the tunnel. You will also need a hammer of some sort. We've marked this location on the map below (marked by the red circle):

Here's where to go | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Quartzite

You will need a hammer to harvest Quartzite from the large deposits found here. Just hit them and they will eventually break. Pick up the pieces of Quartzite off of the ground. You'll be able to pick up 5 or so pieces per chunk you break.

This is what you're looking for | Jake Green/USG

When Does Quartzite Respawn?

Many of the resources in Grounded respawn daily, Quartzite takes considerably longer. We've found it to respawn after around 5 days of in-game time. This isn't all that long if you sleep every night, but the best method of checking is to build a Lean-To outside of the cave and hang around, checking each day. While you're waiting you can probably take on the Ladybug in this area), or maybe harvest some Spider Silk if you're feeling brave.

If you're looking for more on Grounded be sure to read Mat's piece on it's spiders. Elsewhere there's Mike's impressions of the early access version of the game.

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