Grounded: Where to Get Thistle Needles

Grounded: Where to Get Thistle Needles

Thistle Needles are used to craft arrows in Grounded. Here's where to get them.

In Grounded, you'll need to use everything at your disposal to have a fighting chance against the many creepy crawlies actively trying to kill and eat you. A great tool in this rather uneven fight is the bow and arrow. You'll get the bow near the start of the game but will need to craft arrows in stacks of 10 from Thistle Needles. Thistle Needles are only found in certain areas of the map so to help you save time we've marked the best place to get Thistle Needles. We'll take a look at where to find them and how to harvest them.

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Where to Find Thistle Needles in Grounded

The best place to find Thistle Needles early on is in Spade gulch. We have a separate guide on reaching it if you'd like more info, or you can look at the image below:

Here's a great place to find Thistles | Jake Green/USG

Be aware that there is a strong beetle in this area that spits acid at you. You can check out this guide on beating it or simply steer clear . When in the right area you'll see Thistle plants with violet flowers on them. This is where you'll need to go.

Look out for violet flowers | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Thistle Needles

To get Thistle Needles from the plants you need an axe. You'll have likely picked one up already but if not head over to this guide. Hit the plants with an axe and Thistle Needles will be automatically added to your inventory.

If you're looking for more on Grounded be sure to read Mat's piece on it's spiders. Elsewhere there's Mike's impressions of the early access version of the game.

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