GT Academy 2013 Competition Kicks Off with Gran Turismo 6 Demo

Think you've got what it takes to join the Nissan GT Academy team? Then you may want to check out today's Gran Turismo 6 demo.

News by Pete Davison, .

At 5pm Pacific Time today, you'll be able to download a demo for the latest installment in Polyphony Digital's long-running racing sim series. Not only that, you'll be able to start vying for a position in the 2013 GT Academy team.

The Gran Turismo 6 demo that launches later today will focus on the new Silverstone track -- timely, since the Formula 1 season has just passed through there -- and will include a decent amount of content.

First up is a quick tutorial that introduces you to Gran Turismo's distinctive blend of realistic racing sim action -- helpful for new players, but hopefully skippable for series veterans. This is then followed by four warm-up races focusing on two Nissan vehicles: the electric Leaf and the rather more flashy 370Z. Presumably these two won't be racing in the same events.

This is a Nissan Leaf; not the most glamorous car you'll ever take virtual racing, but probably the quietest.

After this, there's five time trials on the Silverstone track to tackle: four of these focus on specific parts of the circuit, and the fifth challenges you to set your best possible time on a full lap. This latter challenge acts as a qualifying lap for the 2013 Nissan GT Academy event: you can enter as often as you like before 3:59pm Pacific on July 28, but after that, the 31 fastest racers will be invited to the national finals along with Armen Aghakhan, who won the Racer X competition at E3.

Said national finals will see the 32 competitors challenging each other both in Gran Turismo 6 and on real-life racing circuits in Nissan cars. After this, the winners will be sent to Race Camp at Silverstone, and the overall winner will have the opportunity to join Nissan's Nismo Athletes racing team.

If you drive anything like I do in racing sims, you probably won't have a hope in hell's chance of getting anywhere near to these real-life events, but even if you fall into that category, you can still enjoy the GT6 demo until the end of August. If you choose to submit a qualifying time to the competition, you'll receive bonus content for the demo, and if you set a bronze medal time or better on all five of the time trials, you'll also receive a bonus race event after the competition's closing date.

The GT6 demo should be up on PSN late this afternoon, so get those driving gloves on.

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  • Avatar for BtheZebra #1 BtheZebra 4 years ago
    I probably won't place anywhere high but at least I can test out the new driving model. I wonder how many people will use a controller vs. a wheel.
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #2 jeffcorry 4 years ago
    @strangecloud I probably won't place very high either. I play with a controller. I like it enough. I am interested in trying it with a wheel, I am just to cheap to pony up the cash for one.
    I am also quite interested in checking out the new car models...I loved GT5, but the standard cars were just...ugly. I hope they either a.) Remove standard cars and add MORE Premiums...or b.)Just have every car Premium quality.
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  • Avatar for OliverBiscuit #3 OliverBiscuit 4 years ago
    The new driving physics are the real star, a big improvement. Now I can't wait for GT6.
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