GTA 5 Online's New Vespucci Job Mode Looks Like a Fun Take on 'The Italian Job'

GTA 5 Online's New Vespucci Job Mode Looks Like a Fun Take on 'The Italian Job'


Heists are one of the great funs in Grand Theft Auto Online, but if you've always wanted a bit more European flavor in your crimes, then try out GTA Online's newest mode: The Vespucci Job.

Modeled after the classic heist film, The Italian Job, The Vespucci Job gets two players to drive around in Weeny Issi Classics and make a run for it through the small streets of Los Santos. Meanwhile, two enemy players will try and stop you from cop cars. A classic Vespucci Job as they say in the industry.

It's a little more in-depth than just a brawl between cop cars and flashy European rides. The criminals will need to rack up points by hitting checkpoints while avoiding the fuzz. You'll do this by navigating through tiny alleyways too big for cop cars.

The Weeny Issi Classics are available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and players who load up the mode between now and April 23 can earn Double GTA$ and RP. Other vehicles added in this update include the Flash GT sports car and the Sea Sparrow chopper, available at Legendary Motorsport and Elitas Travel respectively.

Despite years on the market, GTA 5 is still one of the most popular games around. GTA Online has certainly made the entry one of the most profitable game series of all time for sure. You can check out our complete GTA 5 guide hub for all the latest tips and tricks for GTA Online.

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