GTA 5's Most Streamlined VR Mod Now Works in Cutscenes and Supports Other Mods

GTA 5's Most Streamlined VR Mod Now Works in Cutscenes and Supports Other Mods

R.E.A.L. might be as close as you can get to visiting Los Santos in person.

A lot of virtual reality enthusiasts want games that are as expansive as triple-A open world titles, but until VR gains more traction, games like those made with VR in mind will be few and far between. That won't stop modders from doing their best to make titles work in VR, though, and it looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 now has one of the better VR mods released for it or any other game so far.

R.E.A.L., a VR mod by creator LukeRoss00, has been kicking around GitHub for a while now, but its most recent update is the first that's fixed GTA 5's field of view for VR in cutscenes. That means you can now have a relatively seamless GTA 5 experience in VR from start-to-finish, provided you've got a compatible headset and a PC that can effectively render the game twice at a high enough frame rate. Better still, installing the mod only requires unpacking its contents in the right place and running a batch file.

For users who do have a beefed-up VR rig, R.E.A.L.'s newest release now supports some of the most popular graphics overhaul mods for GTA 5, as well as multisample anti-aliasing.

While R.E.A.L. is one of the most fully featured VR mods for GTA 5 to date, it's still not the same as if the game was reworked for today's headsets from the ground-up. For one, it's single player only. In the mod's FAQ, LukeRoss00 notes there's no support for motion controllers and says there are no plans to implement snap turning (a common VR movement feature that reduces motion sickness for some).

So, is it the end-all-be-all of GTA VR mods? Maybe not, but perhaps your tolerance for GTA's liberties with realism in its design will help you lose yourself in VR all the same.

Of course, since mods are mods and the source code for R.E.A.L. is available, this is probably far from the end of GTA 5's VR modding journey. If you've got a VR setup, or if you think you will in the future, you still might want to download the mod now just in case. Takedowns can happen in the blink of an eye, after all.

Thanks, GTA Boom.

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