GTA Online Casino Penthouses - Arcade Games, Penthouse Garage

GTA Online Casino Penthouses - Arcade Games, Penthouse Garage

There’s a brand new type of real estate to enjoy in GTA Online. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Casino Penthouses.

GTA Online is about to get quite the update. It’s called The Diamond Casino & Resort, and it’ll add everything from Penthouses to gambling. It’s the former that we’re concerning ourselves with in this GTA Online Penthouses Guide, where we’ll detail everything you need to know about the new properties. We’ll take a look at the Penthouse Garage, the Arcade Games, and the Bar/Entertainment area.

GTA Online Casino Penthouses

Thanks to a new update, Los Santos is set to get a brand new casino/resort area called The Diamond. It will add in new property to buy, in the form of lavish and appropriately over the top Penthouses. There’s new ways to store your cars, weapons, and artwork, and a fully stocked bar of course. Let’s go into more detail.

How to Get a Casino Penthouse in GTA Online

Casino Penthouses are being added as part of Rockstar's The Diamond Casino & Resort expansion for GTA Online. They are pretty extravagant to say the least, and getting one is obviously going to set you back a considerable amount of money. And while we don’t know the exact amount you’ll have to pay to get one, we do know that they are part of the VIP Membership being offered by the Casino. We’ll add more details on how to get a VIP Membership for The Diamond when we get them.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Master Bedroom

The first part of the new GTA Online Casino Penthouses we’re going to detail is the Master Bedroom. It’s a place where you can sleep and save your game, complete with a deluxe king-size bed and a high-rise view of the resort.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Spare Bedroom

In GTA Online, it’s often unwise to go it alone. This is why every Casino Penthouse will also have a Spare Bedroom, where a friend can sleep. They’ll also be able to access their personal wardrobe from the room.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Spa

If you pick up a VIP Membership for The Diamond Casino, you’ll also gain access to a personal Spa area. There’s a hot tub that will restore your health, and even a personal stylist.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Bar & Party Area

It wouldn’t be GTA Online without a dedicated Party and Bar area. You’ll be able to drink, host other players, and even play a few arcade games to relax. Check out the image below for more details

GTA Online Casino Arcade Games

As part of your shiny new Penthouse in GTA Online, you’ll be able to access a few new Arcade Games. The Diamond Casino has exclusive rights to Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition, and Invade and Persuade II. You can play them in the form of arcade cabinets located in your Lounge area.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Office and Hidden Safe

If you need to surf the web or get any work done online, head to the Penthouse Office. Each one also has a gun locker and a Hidden Safe as well.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Garage

If you’re going to be staying at The Diamond, you’ll need a place to store your vehicles. Luckily, you’ll get a Garage as part of your Penthouse Package. You can use it to show off your prized cars, and to gain access to them when heading out into the world.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Media Room

There’s a Media Room in the Penthouse you’ll get from The Diamond in GTA Online too. You can use it to watch all of the media hidden within GTA 5, from cartoons to games like Don’t Cross the Line.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse Types: Which One Should You Buy?

There are four different kinds of Penthouse available to buy in GTA Online's Casino Update. They each have a different floor plan and price point. We've listed them below, and will go into more detail on each further on in this article.

  • Design Your Own
  • High Roller
  • Crash Pad
  • Party Penthouse

GTA Online The Casino Design Your Own Penthouse

The first option available to you as far as Penthouses are concerned is the Design Your Own Option. You'll pay for each section as you add ut, though you'll be given more customization and control. Prices start at $1,500,000, though start to sky-rocket as you add more and more rooms.

High Roller Penthouse

The High Roller Penthouse is seriously swanky, and the most expensive option in The Diamond Casino. You'll get the following for $6,533,500:

  • Master Penthouse
  • Garage
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Lounge Area
  • Media Room
  • Bar and Party Hub
  • Spa
  • Private Dealer
  • Office

Crash Pad Penthouse

Next up is the Crash Pad Penthouse. It's the cheapest way to get a VIP Membership, though literally only comes with a Master Penthouse with no additional extras.

Party Penthouse

Finally we have the Party Penthouse. It will set you back $3,776,500, and does not include features like a Garage or Media Room. Here's what's included:

  • Master Penthouse
  • Lounge Area
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Bar and Party Hub
  • Spa

Link Your Twitch Prime Account For a Free Master Penthouse

If you’re looking to pick up a Penthouse, and you have a Twitch Prime account, you can get one for free by linking it with Rockstar Social. If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime, so head to Rockstar Social to link the two and you’ll get a Master Penthouse free of charge. Click here to sign up.

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