GTA Online Casino Status: How to Increase Status to Platinum & Diamond

GTA Online Casino Status: How to Increase Status to Platinum & Diamond

There are tiers to your Casino Membership in GTA Online. Here’s how to rise to the top.

GTA Online just dropped a brand new Casino experience for players to enjoy. It’s called the GTA Online The Diamond Casino & Resort, and is home to new properties to buy, games to bet on and exclusive items to earn. If you want to make the most of everything the new Casino has to offer, you’ll need to increase your Status. Doing so can be a little bit of a chore, so we’ve put together this GTA Online Casino Status Guide. We’ll take a look at how to increase your Status in GTA Online Casino, all the way up through Gold, Platinum and eventually to Diamond Status.

GTA Online Casino Status

If you purchase a Master Penthouse in GTA Online Casino you’ll get Silver Status granted to you. You’ll receive a VIP Membership and the ‘She’s Loaded’ Wall Art. There’s also the Diamond Classic Tee that you’ll also get for achieving Silver Status, though that’s just the very beginning of The Diamond Program. There are more Status Levels to reach, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

How to Increase Status in GTA Online Casino

Once you’ve bought your way into the Silver Status package via a Master Penthouse in GTA Online Casino, you can start looking to increase your Status. Each of the following three Status levels has specific requirements for reaching it. We’ve gone into more detail for each below, so be sure to read on!

GTA Online Casino Gold Status

If you’re looking to reach Gold Status in GTA Online Casino, you’ll need to help out the owner. His name is Tao Cheng, and once you meet him he’ll give you a mission where you’ll defend The Damond against encroaching Texan magnates. After this, the ‘House Keeping’ mission unlocks, completing this will upgrade you to Gold Status. For your troubles you’ll get an exclusive livery for the new Truffade Thrax, and a matching Truffade Tee. You can check out a screenshot of these new items below:

GTA Online Casino Platinum Status

There’s another level you’ll need to reach in GTA Online Casino if you want to be king of the castle. Platinum Status is awarded to players who complete 5 Casino Work Missions for Agatha Baker. You’ll get Chips and GTA$ for doings each one, and for completing all five you’ll get the Lucky 7s Tattoo shown in the image below. There’s also the Kronos Ara Watch. After meeting Agatha Baker for the first time you can call her for more work. Congratulations, you’re now a Platinum Member.

GTA Online Casino Diamond Status

The highest Status level in GTA Online Casino is Diamond Status. This is tricky to reach, as you’ll need to complete all co-op missions available. There are two exclusive liveries to earn here, one for hosting a mission as a Platinum Member, and one for playing a mission hosted by another Platinum Member. So far, we’ve seen the exclusive livery for the Annis S80RR supercar, shown in the image below:

That’s all we have so far on GTA Online Casino Status. We’ll be updating the page if we hear more info, so in the meantime why not head over to our GTA Online Penthouses Guide for info on the new real estate. For a look at how memberships work, there’s our GTA Online Casino Memberships page.

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