GTA Online: How to Start and Run a Motorcycle/MC Club and Businesses

GTA Online: How to Start and Run a Motorcycle/MC Club and Businesses

We show you how to own the roads in our ultimate guide to being an MC President.

As part of the appropriately named "Bikers Update", players in GTA Online can own their own motorcycle club (sometimes referred to as an MC Club). We'll show you how to start one up, how best to run it, and what you can expect to earn in return.

How to Start Your Own MC Club in GTA Online

In order to start their own Motorcycle Club, players will have to buy a Clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, which functions as a hub for all business and missions relating to your Club.

Buying a Clubhouse

Clubhouses range in price from $200,000 to $495,000, but unlike some buildings in GTA Online where this price informs certain factors like the chance of being attacked by NPCs or various other negatives, here there doesn't appear to be any major distinction except for their ease of location in the world map. Clubhouses generally appear in three locations - Los Santos, the Southern coast of the Alamo Sea, and at the top of the map. Pick whichever one you think will be most convenient, or just which building you prefer.

The Maze Bank Foreclosure site is the only way to buy yourself a biker clubhouse. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

Renovating Your Clubhouse

While buying your clubhouse, you can choose from several cosmetic or functional upgrades that alter the appearance of your clubhouse. You can also add these renovations later by going back into the Maze Bank Foreclosures site and reselecting the clubhouse you already own. The following renovations and what they entail are thus:

  • Mural (Free - $150,000): A cosmetic option that allows you to install various paintings on the inside walls of your clubhouse, varying from building to building. The default paintings are free, but the rest get more and more expensive. Taste and subtlety not included.
  • Style (Free - $400,000): Another cosmetic choice that allows you to change the interior of the building, usually towards looking more modern and contemporary. The default, free appearance looks kinda shabby, but maybe that's what you're into.
  • Club Emblem (Free - $62,000): Players can choose from one of ten coats of arms to place inside their clubhouse. If you have a Custom Crew Emblem, you can have that put in for free.
  • Club Name (Free - $50,000): This is where you get to pick the name of your MC Club, as well as the font and colour it's displayed in. Picking it while setting up your club is free, but be sure to pick one you're happy with - changing it afterwards costs $50,000.
  • Gun Locker ($320,000): An optional safe inside your Clubhouse that allows you to store guns you don't want or currently use. This means that when you're in a firefight, cycling through weapons for the one you want, you won't have to click through all the early firearms you've outgrown.
  • Custom Bike Shop ($530,000): An MC Club can store ten motorbikes inside it by default, but this upgrade allows you to modify and repaint them as you would in a Los Santos Customs shop in the open world. Keep in mind that altering bikes still costs money, so it's not going to be free custom work if you get the bike shop.

Starting and Managing Your MC Club

Once you have your clubhouse, it should be marked on your map by a simple representation of a house with a garage attached. You can go into it like any other building, by walking up to the blue circle by the door. Once inside, check out the laptop in the office (also marked on your mini-map) and use it to register as President of your Club. At this point, you'll be able to make managerial decisions from the Interaction Menu (hold down the Trackpad/View button on your controller), inviting other players to join and starting missions specific to MC Clubs that can allow you to make both money and reputation. You can even challenge other clubs to Deathmatches and Jousts.

Businesses come in five different flavours of illegal, and more expensive ones offer greater payouts. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Make Money Through MC Club Businesses

MC Clubs can function similar to Organizations, in that you can invest and manage further illicit businesses that allow you to make money over time. Here that business takes the form of small, secretive labs and manufacturing plants that cook drugs or various other illegal products, which you can set up, fill up, then distribute the contents for money. While much of this process is done automatically over time, the player will have to supply the raw materials and distribute the final product.

All MC Club Businesses

There are five kinds of business available to set up from the laptop in the clubhouse office, which we'll go over here, as well as the prices involved for buying the building and equipment (not including money spent on your clubhouse). Each business has four buildings to choose from, the higher-priced ones less likely to be attacked by police or rival gangs, as well as decreasing the difficulty of delivering your product.

  • Document Forgery Office ($650,000 - $1,235,000)
  • Weed Farm ($715,000 - $1,358,500)
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory ($845,000 - $1,605,000)
  • Methamphetamine Lab ($910,000 - $1,729,000)
  • Cocaine Lockup ($975,000 - $1,852,500)

There's no meaningful difference beyond the five businesses beyond some minor variations in the missions, and the fact that the more expensive businesses overall tend to pay out more (Cocaine is more profitable than Meth, which pays better than Counterfeit Cash, and so on). You can also only have one of each kind - one forgery office, one lockup, etc, all running at the same time.

Setting Up Your MC Club Business

Once you've bought a building to set up your business, it should be marked on your map (the symbol varies according to what kind of product it's creating). Go there and head inside, where you should see a new laptop. You can use this later to resupply and sell product, but right now you'll have to get the equipment necessary to set things going. Select the option "Set Up", and you'll get a brief, relatively easy mission where you go and steal a van/car, bringing it back to the building.

Once you've bought a business, you'll have to stock it with stolen goods. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

Still, be careful! Missions in the open world mark you as a target to other players, tempting them with money/reputation to blow you up or steal your supplies. Be careful, avoid other players if possible, and it wouldn't hurt to have a friend guarding you if one's around. Once you're back at the building, then you can set up your very illegal business.

Creating Product in MC Club Businesses

Once your supplies are back, you can set up your business properly from the laptop. Leave the building and wait ten minutes or so for it to be staffed, whereupon it'll start to automatically generate whatever naughty thing it's meant to, be it drugs, counterfeits, or pirated DVDs, you monster. That being said, keep in mind it only does this while you're logged into GTA Online, so you can't just walk away from the game for two weeks and come back to a fortune.

Creating product also uses up the supplies stored in the building, meaning that while the process can carry on while you're doing other things in the game world, before long supplies will run dry and you'll have to restock special paper/raw chemicals/free biscuits before it can start generating product again.

Whatcha mean it's not a good idea to take a selfie at work? | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

Resupplying MC Club Businesses

You can check on the amount of supplies in each business from either your MC Club laptop, or the one in the business itself. If it seems to be running low, you can choose to resupply (though only from the business itself).

Here's the thing though: supplies can be bought for $15,000 per unit (a full business can store five units), meaning that it'll cost a substantial $75,000 to refill the business entirely. That being said - well, you're a biker running a drug lab, for god's sake. Who says you have to BUY anything?

Yes, when resupplying your business, there's also an option to steal what you need, which triggers one of multiple mini-missions that have you go somewhere and pinch your supplies for free. However, there's no guarantee of success, and like your set-up mission, these can be interrupted by other players who want what you're stealing.

Getting in more supplies can be done expensively, or dangerously. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

You can also invite other players to help you, and we recommend this if at all possible. Missions increase the number of supplies you acquire depending on how many people are involved, so one person might steal unit of supplies, but four people can get away as many boxes of loot. It's Club advantages, it seems.

By the way, be sure to refill your business regularly - once supplies run out, it'll stop producing anything, but keeping the staff and machines running still costs you regular upkeep payments.

Selling Product from MC Club Businesses

Once you feel the time is right to sell, head to one of your business locations and use the laptop to sell whatever it is you've got stored there. You'll have two options - a less profitable, but easier mission, and a harder one that pays more. We can't recommend one explicitly over the other, but by our experience the harder ones aren't as challenging as they claim. Go in with full body armour and all your best weapons, and you'll probably be fine - assuming another player doesn't vaporize you from ten thousand feet. More players can help you sell more product at a time, increasing your payout for each mission.

Upgrading MC Club Businesses

By going into the laptop inside your business and selecting the option to upgrade, you can spend money on greater upgrades for each building. These upgrades vary in price according to what kind of business you're running, but have the same effect regardless.

  • Equipment Upgrade ($550,000 - $1,100,000): Increases the rate of production, the value of your product, and the maximum amount of it you can store at your business.
  • Staff Upgrade ($195,000 - $390,000): Increases the rate of production and the value of your product.
  • Security Upgrade ($285,000 - $570,000): Decreases the chance of enemies and cops attacking your building.
You can upgrade each business up to three times. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Invite Members to Your MC Club and Assign Roles

Aside from the President (you), there's multiple roles that you can invite other players to fulfil in your club. These roles offer different perks and abilities, and can be a big help in missions.

You can invite players once you've registered as an MC President at your Clubhouse laptop by opening your interaction menu (hold down the Trackpad/View button) and selecting the MC President option, then selecting Find Prospects. This'll allow you to invite both players on the server, as well as friends in your friend list.

Once you've got players involved (up to seven others), you can assign four of them roles by clicking on Manage MC in that same menu. These roles and what they do are as follows:

  • Vice President: Allows the player to summon Bullshark Testosterone, and place a "Target Rival" on another player in the server, as well as start the "Hit and Ride" member challenge.
  • Enforcer: Allows the player to drop body armour and call in a hit squad, as well as start the "Rippin' It Up" member challenge.
  • Road Captain: Allows the player to call in several kinds of vehicles, set a riding formation that restores player and bike health when adhered to, and start the "Race to Point" member challenge.
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Allows the player to drop molotovs and ammo, as well as start the "On the Run" member challenge.
Manage your club and its members from the interaction menu. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Take MC Club Contracts

When inside your Clubhouse, head to the main meeting room, which should have a large table with a wall covered in notes at one end. Approach the notes, then hit right on D-Pad to see what contacts are available.

Contracts are basically single missions that grant money and reputation when you complete them. Some of them will require multiple club members to complete, or certain club roles to be fulfilled, but there should always be at least one that can be done solo (though it might be tricky regardless).

Contracts offer brief missions that can be completed for money and reputation. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

That's all the essential info you'll need to be a true roadhog in GTA Online. But if you want to step into the squeaky-clean shoes of a businessman, why not check out our other guide to running your own Organization as a CEO? Alternatively, head here for our list of the best weapons and where to get them. Or if you want to find our full GTA 5 cheats page for the singleplayer, you can go right here.

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