GTA Online's Huge New Update Brings Back Rockstar's Best Minigame

GTA Online's Huge New Update Brings Back Rockstar's Best Minigame

Red Dead players got the Naturalist role. GTA players get tons of stuff, plus Qub3d.

GTA Online, Rockstar's ever-popular multiplayer package for heists, races, and all kinds of open-world mayhem, just got a new update. The Los Santos Summer Special patch is packed to the gills with new vehicles, items, activities and quality of life improvements, to the point where everyone will likely find one thing that jumps out to them.

For me, the fact that the new update adds a playable version of GTA 4's Qub3d minigame is the highlight. Last year's Diamond Casino Heist update added arcade properties with playable cabinets, but the addictive GTA 4 block puzzler was a notable absence. Now, it's back alongside a new strength testing machine.

In my playthrough, Niko Bellic lost hours to Qub3d. | Rockstar Games

Other additions include over a dozen new cars, hundreds of new clothing items, six co-op missions, and more offerings for fans of Business Battles and Open Wheel Racing (GTA Online's bolted-on Formula 1-style grand prix races). Players can also go hunt down a collection of movie props in a new mission for Solomon Richards, the film exec side-character from the single-player campaign.

With other fixes, improvements, and additions listed in the patch notes, Red Dead Online fans may start to feel pangs of GTA jealousy again. The recent Naturalist update did breathe a bit of new life into Rockstar's wild west playground, calming a legion of protesting clowns. That said, Rockstar has also promised Red Dead Online will receive another update later this year, so cowpokes might want to hope for a Summer Special-sized patch of their own.

With Grand Theft Auto 5 heading to next-gen consoles, bringing a free release of GTA Online to PS5 players when it launches on Sony's system, it makes sense that Rockstar's continuing to beef up its online San Andreas offerings with updates like these. By the time Grand Theft Auto 5 comes to the Series X and PS5 in 2021, Rockstar's San Andreas will already have close to a decade's worth of work put into it, making it a hard experience to top for any open-world competitors (or even for a brand-new GTA title).

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