GTA Online Pays Tribute to Vice City With its New Hotring Circuit Mode

GTA Online Pays Tribute to Vice City With its New Hotring Circuit Mode

Get ready to race, race, race (and shoot) with the GTA Online Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series.

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online goes way beyond stealing cars and bashing them up. The GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series (yikes, that's some alliteration) now offers players a new Hotring Circuit mode, five new cars to race, and a promise of tons more to come.

The Hotring Circuit, a tribute to Vice City's own Hotring, lets you race and perform flips and stunts to your heart's content. If you enjoy a dash of violence with your racing, another update on April 3, Target Assault Mode, adds a gunner to your back seat and a challenge to destroy more roadside targets than the other racers on the track.

On May 1, you can access 10 new Special Vehicle Races featuring the Deluxo, Stromberg and Thruster from The Doomsday Heist update. On May 29, seven new Transform Races will arrive alongside a heap of new vehicles, challenges, and courses.

Rockstar has tons more content on the menu: New Adversary Modes, deals and discounts, and lots of new tools and updates for the Creator. If being nice to your cars doesn't appeal to you, don't forget Grand Theft Auto Online has a car-based battle royale mode, Motor Wars, that lets you wreak havoc on other players—and yourself. Seatbelts, everyone!

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