GTA: San Andreas Coming to Mobile

GTA: San Andreas Coming to Mobile

Rockstar's sprawling open-world PS2 adventure will soon be in your pocket.

Although a touchscreen device isn't exactly the ideal platform to play them on, previous mobile rereleases of Rockstar's long-running Grand Theft Auto series have apparently proved popular for the company to keep porting them.

The latest to be announced is the big one: the last game in the series on PlayStation 2, and, prior to Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest, most sprawling open-world adventures there was.

San Andreas follows the misadventures of young gangster CJ as he works his way out of the hood and seeks his fortune in the state of San Andreas. The game features three cities -- Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro -- and the intervening countryside, though the map is completely different to Grand Theft Auto V's take on San Andreas. It features the most in-depth character customization of all Grand Theft Auto games, with stats that improve as you use them and a character whose body shape changes according to how much he physically exerts himself or overindulges on Cluckin' Bell fast food.

The mobile port of San Andreas is set for release on "select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices," though Rockstar hasn't given specific details as yet. Expect the iOS version to require at least an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to play, though, since that's in keeping with most modern iOS games.

The port isn't a straight conversion of the PS2 original; it's enjoyed a graphical overhaul, with dynamic shadows, an improved draw distance, an "enriched" color palette plus enhanced 3D models for both characters and vehicles. The game will make use of contextual touch controls that disappear from the screen when they're not necessary, and there will be three different control schemes available for driving. For those who don't like playing on a touchscreen, the game will also support external controllers on all platforms, including iOS, where it supports the new "Made for iOS" controller standards.

Stay tuned to Rockstar's Newswire page for the latest on the new port, including specific device requirements and pricing. The game itself will be available in December.

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