Gucci Partnered with Sega for Baffling $1,400 Shoes

Gucci Partnered with Sega for Baffling $1,400 Shoes

No way you can run as fast as Sonic in these bejeweled boats.

I'm a woman, which means I'm supposed to be interested in shoes and clothes. At least, that's what every smug, chuckling Boomer comedian tells me. I'm not the least bit interested in either, so, y'know, sorry about shattering your expectations, comedians. All I know about Gucci is they do fashion, and boy, did Gucci ever do a fashion with its jewel-covered Sega running shoes.

The shoes are available in an array of colors, but the design's most distinct feature are the gem-dotted straps that wind around each kick. To quote Snobette's breakdown of the accessory, "Subtly is everything this shoe doesn't stand for."

You ever see the clothing equivalent of the "Hmmm" emoji? Now you have.

The tongue of each shoe is embroidered with the word "Gucci" in the Sega font. Now that sing-song chant is in your head, isn't it? "Gu-cci~!" Welcome to the club.

If these chunky Sega-shoes are in your sights, they can be yours in early July. Just be prepared to cough up a not-small amount of $1,400 USD. According to Snobette (which has a much better handle on this sort of topic than I do), the price tag for Gucci and Sega's feet-babies shatter the previous record held by Louis Vuitton's (frankly much better-looking) $1,090 USD ArchLight Sneaker.

See, when I was little, the coolest Sega shoes were the Sonic runners your mom let you buy at the department store for $20. Kids these days…

And we'd get McDonalds after shopping too.

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