Guide to Making the Best Weapons in Transformers Devastation

Guide to Making the Best Weapons in Transformers Devastation

Want to make the best weapons in Transformers Devastation? Here's how.

Transformers Devastation has a large number of weapons. Some are even duplicates that have different stats due to them being of a different rank or level. All weapons are unique, but sometimes it can be hard to tell which weapons are better than others based solely on their stats. And when you add in the additional complexity of weapon synthesis, then things can become even more challenging to figure out.

So how do you make the best weapons in the game?

Basically, you can use the synthesis ability to take a good weapon and boost its stats to make it even better. This article will show you how – and will help you avoid wasting weapons and credits on items that aren't worth upgrading.

Obtaining Weapons

Weapons are acquired by playing through story missions, and you'll obtain even more if you play in Challenge mode. The more you play in Challenge mode, and the better your performance, the more weapons you'll earn. Once you have two weapons that aren't being used by any of your Autobots, that's when you can start using weapon synthesis.


Credits are required to perform weapon synthesis. These are earned by doing pretty much everything in the game. Whether it's beating enemies, smashing up cars, or locating weapons and item caches, earning credits in the game is fairly easy. Just make sure you destroy every vehicle you find in the game, because they can all drop credits – and you'll need everything you can get your hands on, because weapon synthesis can be quite expensive.

Base Weapon

The first weapon you select when executing weapon synthesis is the base weapon. This is the weapon you want to upgrade – and the higher the level of this weapon, the more expensive the synthesis will be. That's why you need all the credits you can get, because as you progress, synthesis will eventually start costing you a lot.

Parts Weapon

This is the weapon that's going to be used up once the synthesis has been done. Choosing the right weapon can be tricky – essentially, you want to use a weapon that will provide the biggest upgrade, while also being a weapon you don't mind losing, because the process of synthesis will destroy it.

Skills and Slots

Pay attention to these two aspects of the weapon that you're synthesizing. Indeed, they're very likely the most important facets of weapons synthesis. The base weapon needs to have open skill slots for them to transfer from the parts weapon. If it doesn't have any open skill slots, then no skills will transfer over.

If you don't see any skills listed on a weapon, that doesn't necessarily mean there are no available skill slots. Look for a block with a horizontal line in the middle of it. If the weapon has one, then no skills will transfer over.

You can use two weapons with the same level skill, and that skill will increase when the synthesis is complete. By selecting both weapons, you can see what the final stats will be before you do the synthesis. It's a good idea to check this every time you perform a weapon synthesis to ensure that you're making the right decision. If you don't see the desired final stats you're hoping for, don't complete the synthesis, and work out what the problem is.

Weapon Level and Rank

Other important factors in weapon synthesis are the level and rank of a weapon. The higher the rank and level of the base weapon, the more it'll cost. Something you should check for is making sure that you're getting a good bang for your buck out of synthesis. Some weapons might only increase in level, but the individual stats won't change. If that's the case, it's probably not worth doing a weapon synthesis on it. What you want is for stats like Energy, Shot Speed, Recoil, and Range to improve too. It's easy enough to check to see if that's going to be the case – any category that's highlighted in yellow will tell you that there's going to be an increase in that particular stat. If it's not yellow, then an increase isn't going to happen.

Character Availability

The final thing you need to check – and this is very important – is to see which characters can actually equip and use the weapon. Not every character can equip every weapon – so make sure that you're upgrading the weapon so that the designated character can use it. Or conversely, that you might have a weapon that can only be used by a certain character that you no longer need, and that might make an ideal parts weapon for synthesis.

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