Guild Wars 2 Heads to the Ring of Fire as Legendary Weapons Return

Guild Wars 2 Heads to the Ring of Fire as Legendary Weapons Return

The Rising Flames update drags the world of Guild Wars 2 into heresy and fire.

Guild Wars 2 has released the latest episode in its ongoing Living World Season 3 storyline! Episode 2 is entitled Rising Flames, taking players back to the Ring of Fire island chain from the first Guild Wars. Players will float across the charred landscape on thermal vents and leylines, surveying the rivers of lava and rocky crags below. Within the alien landscape, players will find new resources like petrified wood and massive new jumping puzzles.

"Legate Minister Caudecus has escaped, the ancient mursaat Lazarus the Dire has risen, and the Elder Dragon Primordus stirs under Tyria's feet," explains the story recap for the episode. "With little time to recover following the death of Mordremoth, the Commander and their allies must work quickly to find anything they can leverage against the new threats. But who can you trust?"

Alongside the new burning region, players will also gain access to the Eternal Coliseum. The Coliseum is a new Conquest map inspired by a real-world Roman gladiatorial ring. Players attempts to capture three points around the map, while also gaining control of magical artifacts to turn the tide of battle. The Sword of Reaping and Shield of Life offer strong offense or defense, allowing players to alter the flow of the match.

Finally, ArenaNet also revealed that Legendary Weapons are back in development! Work on the legendaries were suspended previously, with players assuming that the feature was cancelled completely.

"It was a tough decision to suspend work on legendary weapons. We did it because we wanted to put all our energy into creating new content for the game. The old legendary journeys took months to design, write, implement, and test, and they were one of a set of things that was keeping us busy on something other than creating content for everyone," wrote game designer Matt Pennebaker. "We wanted to find a way to deliver legendaries without hurting content development to do it."

The old system relied heavily on luck or players having a large amount of gold, so it tended to be unsatisfying if the random number god did not smile upon you. The new system kicks off with the legendary weapon Eureka. Under this system, once a legendary goes live in the game, players can collect the first-tier precursor recipe from an NPC in the game. From there, the material for the recipe can be purchased by playing any Heart of Thorns map and collecting currency. Then, using the new material, you can craft for first-tier precursor weapon. From there, it's a rinse-and-repeat for the higher tiers.

This method takes the luck out of it and makes it simply hard work to get your legendary weapon.

"Let's be straight that the new system lacks a lot of the story and lore of the old legendary journeys," said Pennebaker. "But legendary journeys didn't need to be that complicated. The system of legendary journeys we created to overcome this was very deep and immersive, but they were also very time consuming to make."

"Thank you for your patience with us while we worked on this issue and for your continued support of Guild Wars 2. On a personal note, it's been very exciting to be working on legendary weapons again, and when you see what our artists have in store, I think you'll be excited too."

The Rising Flames update is available in Guild Wars 2 right now.

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