Guild Wars 2 Wraps Up Living World Season 3 With New Expansion Announcement

Guild Wars 2 Wraps Up Living World Season 3 With New Expansion Announcement

The hunt for the god of fire and war begins.

ArenaNet has kicked off the final episode of this season of Guild Wars 2's Living World. The episode, "One Path Ends", went live today, promising the end of Heart of Thorns' epic tale. It introduces the new Siren's Landing map to the world, offers a new fractal, and lets players build two all-new legendary weapons (a sword and hammer).

The primary focus is the hunt for Balthazar, the human god of fire and war, revealed to be the architect behind the trials and tribulations of the expansion up until this point. In that last episode, the heroes of Tyria found themselves up against an impossible choice: destroy the only weapon they had against the Elder Dragons or by killing them cause magic to go wild and end the world. In the end, they made the right choice, but not before Balthazar escaped, full of dragon energy.

Siren's Landing is within the Ruins of Orr, a place heavy in magic and leyline power. Players are tasked with empowering and cleansing shrines tied to different gods. As players revive these shrines, they gain the ability to tap into the power of the respective god. To illustrate this, ArenaNet has added a new UI feature that shows which powers are active at any one time. Exploration and combat in Siren's Landing requires figuring out which ability should be used where.

MassivelyOP has a look within Siren's Landing, where players will come across an area of forgotten shades attempting to preserve the last vestiges of Orr as the undead rampage. The Sylvari own one region full of new growth, while another is a giant hotspring allowing players to soar in the sky. Finally, you'll chase Balthazar into a region suited to the god of fire and war, full of lava and elementals seeking to kill you.

Some players have already wrapped up the episode and the special surprise is a stinger for an announcement of the newest expansion for Guild Wars 2! While the base game had two seasons of Living World content, it looks like Heart of Thorns will only have one before moving on to what's next. The stinger points fans at this landing page, where players can watch the expansion announcement on August 1, 2017 at 9am PT. The official announcement will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing what magic ArenaNet is going to whip up next!

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