Guild Wars 2's Next Story Update Delays Voice Acting Due to Quarantine

Guild Wars 2's Next Story Update Delays Voice Acting Due to Quarantine

The next update is text-only, as professional voice recording can't happen at the moment.

No game is safe from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Guild Wars 2 is continuing its ongoing Living World updates, with episode 3 of the current Icebrood Saga still planned for release next week. Unfortunately, while the development team is able to work remotely, the same isn't true of the entire studio.

Today, ArenaNet announced there will be no voice acting in episode 3. "Because the recording studio staff and voice actors who help bring Guild Wars 2 to life are also abiding by shelter-in-place guidance to keep the virus from spreading, we’ve chosen to release the upcoming third episode of The Icebrood Saga without voice acting," said the team in a blog post. "When it's safe, we'll create a high-quality studio recording so we can update the episode with voiced lines."

ArenaNet also included a video with several of the voice actors from Guild Wars 2, including Megan Hollingshead, Matthew Mercer, Dave Fennoy, Cherise Booth, and Sumalee Montano. So if you're an avid Guild Wars 2 player, this is a chance to see the faces behind some of your favorite playable and non-playable characters.

Guild Wars 2 is currently in the middle of a promotion inviting players back into the game. The Icebrood Saga's prologue and first two episodes are unlocked for free for one week. The prologue is available for free right now until May 4. Episode 1, "Whisper in the Dark" will be unlocked May 5–11, and Episode 2, "Shadow in the Ice," will open up May 12–18. Players during the event have an in-game buff to help with the leveling process. At the same time, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is available for 50% off for a limited time, coming to only $14.99 for the full experience. If you're curious and bored, now might be the time to play.

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