Gwent Homecoming, the Major Rework to The Witcher Card Game, is Live Now on PTR

Playtest the major rework to Gwent.

Back in April CD Projekt Red announced Gwent Homecoming, a major redesign for the Witcher card game to make it more competitive. Homecoming is now in public beta and available now through the Gwent PTR.

When Gwent was first announced, it was originally going to be a spinoff version of The Witcher's in-universe card game tied to a new single-player campaign. Since then Gwent rebranded as Gwent: Thronebreaker an upcoming, 30-hour standalone story campaign that utilizes Gwent mechanics but also tells the story of Meve, Queen of Lyria and Rivia.

As for the card game itself, CD Projekt Red began Gwent Homecoming, a campaign to update the old version of Gwent to make it more competitive play with overhauled core mechanics. In April when Homecoming was announced CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin IwiƄski said that the redesign "will leave no stone unturned."

A full list of changes can be found on the official Gwent webpage, which goes in-detail of the many, numerous changes made to The Witcher card game. Among them include changes in deck size, new mechanics and costs, a new card type called Artifacts, and changes to the leader card system.

The Gwent Homecoming PTR will go on from October 5 to October 9 at 3amPT/6am ET/12pm CEST. Gwent Thronebreaker is available now for pre-order and currently costs $30.

CD Projekt Red is currently also developing Cyberpunk 2077, a sci-fi FPS-RPG based on the tabletop RPG of the same name. Check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guide for more details.

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