H1Z1 Crafting Guide and Tips - Build a Base

H1Z1 Crafting Guide and Tips - Build a Base

A complete recipe and crafting guide for H1Z1, including weapons, tools and base building.

The debate about whether H1Z1 is a better than DayZ will likely rage on long after gamers have quit playing, but there is one game play concept that the Daybreak Game Company got right, and that's the crafting system in H1Z1. Where DayZ is largely about finding loot as survivors have a need, H1Z1 is about giving people the knowledge and tools required to create a sustainable existence.

Survival in H1Z1 is heavily dependent on a player's ability to master the game's crafting mechanics.

While time and experience will help gamers to figure out many of the H1Z1 crafting recipes on their own, there are just too many to remember them all. With that in mind, we thought it might be useful to provide players with a complete crafting guide, breaking it down into categories that make sense from a navigational standpoint.

Before We Begin

It's important to note that due to it being in the alpha stage of development, the recipes and materials needed to craft some of these items may change. Gamers are also likely to see more recipes added as time passes, but we'll do our best to update this article as needed.


All the really good weapons in H1Z1 (such as those that fire bullets) are found by players doing some looting. However, players who are unable to find a gun might want to consider some of the options below.

Weapon Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Combat Knife Wood Stick x 1 Metal Sheet x 1
Land Mine Metal Shard x 1 Metal Sheet x 1 Gunpowder x 1
Machete Wood Plank x 2 Metal Sheet x 2
Makeshift Bow Scrap of Cloth x 1 Wood Stick x 1
Makeshift Hatchet Wood Stick x 1 Scrap Metal x 1
No Brainer Metal Bar x 1 Metal Pipe x 1
Wood Spear Branch x 1 Metal Shard x 1
Wooden Arrow Wood Stick x 1
Wooden Bow Wood Stick x 2 Spool of Twine x 1 Scrap of Cloth x 1


A fair amount of the food that exists in H1Z1 is going to be picked up in the environment. From time to time, however, certain foods can be used to craft something a little bit more complex, like Blackberry Juice and other related items. Below is a list of what can currently be used for crafting in the food category.

Note: We know that there are more craftable food items than what we currently have on the list, and we'll be adding more as we move along. For now, this should help the average survivor to keep their hunger and hydration in check.

Food Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Barbecue Scrap Metal x 8 Metal Pipe x 3
Blackberry Juice Blackberry x 5 Purified Water x 1
Campfire Wood Log x 2
Coffee Ground Coffee x 1 Purified Water x 1
Coffee with Sugar Coffee x 1 Packet of Sugar
Cooked Rabbit Rabbit Meat x 1
Deer Steak Venison x 1
Purified Water Dirty Water x 1
Wolf Steak Wolf Meat

No base is completely secure. Build in a location that other players have no business going.

Base Building

One of the main advantages that H1Z1 has over a game like DayZ (besides server stability, more frames per second and better anti-hacking software) is the ability to build bases, store items and build a long-term life that gamers can share with their pals. Of course, to build a base players will need to learn quite a few recipes, as well as gather up a large amount of supplies. We'd suggest finding a vehicle in order to carry them all back to the base. Just make sure to remove the Battery and Sparkplugs when getting out... it sucks when someone steals your car in H1Z1.

Building Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Deck Foundation Wood Log x 4 Metal Bracket x 8 Wood Plank x 16 Nail x 20
Basic Shack Wood Plank x 20 Wood Stick x 10
Basic Shack Door Wood Stick x 5 Wood Plank x 3
Dew Collector Wood Plank x 2 Tarp x 1
Furnace Metal Bracket x 1 Scrap Metal x 8
Ground Tamper Wood Stick x 2 Metal Sheet x 1
Ground Tiller Wood Stick x 1 Metal Shard x 1 Metal Pipe x 1
Large Shelter Metal Bracket x 4 Nail x 8 Wood Plank x 4 Metal Sheet x 4
Metal Gate Metal Bracket x 1 Metal Sheet x 2 Wood Plank x 2
Metal Shed Metal Sheet x 6 Wood Plank x 4
Metal Wall Metal Sheet x 2 Wood Plank x 2
Small Shack Wood Plank x 4 Metal Bracket x 2 Nail x 4
Storage Container Wood Plank x 4 Metal Bracket x 1 Nail x 1
Structure Stairs Metal Brackets x 4 Wood Stick X 8 Nail x 8 Wood Plank x 8
Wooden Barricade Nail x 4 Wood Plank x 2
Wooden Door Wood Plank x 4 Nail x 2 Metal Bracket x 2
Metal Door Metal Sheets x 2 Metal Bracket x 2

Bring a vehicle to help carry more supplies back to the base.


Materials are the fuel (sometimes quite literally) that helps to keep the crafting engine running in H1Z1. Most of the things that we have outlined in the Building section wouldn't be possible without the items on the table below. Sometimes you can finde these items laying around the world, and other times they'll need to be crafted from (you guessed it) other materials. It's a viscious cycle of looting and crafting.

It's also worth noting that some items on this list (such as the Metal Pipe and Metal Bars) can only be crafted inside of a Furnace. In situations like this that should be indicated in the Recipe tab.

Material Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Biofuel Animal Fat x 1
Gunpowder Charcoal x 1 Fertilizer x 1
Metal Bar Scrap Metal x 1
Metal Bracket Scrap Metal x 1
Metal Shards Scrap Metal x 1
Metal Sheet Metal Bars x 2
Pipe Metal Sheets x 2
Swizzle Packet of Sugar x 1 Cold Medicine x 1 Purified Water x 1
Wood Plank Wood Log x 1
Wood Stick Wood Plank x 1
Nail Metal Shard x 1


There aren't a lot of clothing items that can be crafted at this current time, but each one is of great importance. Backpacks can be hard to locate in H1Z1, so players will want to try and craft a Satchel soon after spawning. When things are going better and survivors have a few more materials at their disposal, the Framed Backpack is second only to the Military Backpack in terms of space.

Players will want to take note of how the Framed Backpack doesn't currently show up on their character, even though it is present in the inventory screen. While this will be fixed in the future, it's a very good way to appear under-geared, which just might save a player's life.

Clothing Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Backpack Frame Wood Stick x 4 Nail x 4 Metal Bracket x 3
Framed Backpack Backpack Frame x 1 Scrap of Cloth x 8 Spool of Twine x 1
Satchel Scrap of Cloth x 6

First Aid

Aside from the Gauze that players are given when they spawn into a server in H1Z1, Bandages and First Aid Kits are going to be two major keys to survival. Bandages will help to regenerate a small amount of a player's health, as well as stop any active bleeding that's going on. It's very likely that more than one Bandage will be needed to help return a survivor's health to full. First Aid Kits are a little more effective, but are also harder to find and craft. Still, bring at least one or two whenever leaving the home base.

First Aid Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Bandage Scrap of Cloth x 2
First Aid Kit Bandage x 1 Saline x 1
Saline Purified Water x 1 Salt Packet x 1

H1Z1 does a great job of blending loot with the environment, be sure to thoroughly search all buildings.


There are certain weapons that we felt could have fallen under the Tools category, so if what players are looking for isn't found in this table, there's a good chance it's tucked away in that one.

The tools in the table below have a wide variety of uses, from the Wrench being able to repair vehicles, to the Bow Drill starting a fire for survivors who have yet to locate a lighter. However, perhaps the best tool on the list is the Improvised Compass, as that will display a player's direction of travel in the top right and corner of the screen.

Tool Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Bow Drill Scrap of Cloth x 1 Wood Stick x 1 Wood Plank x 1
Deer Scent Deer Bladder x 1
Flare Fertilizer x 1 Scrap of Cloth x 1 Packet of Sugar x 1
Hammer Wood Stick x 1 Metal Bar x 1
Hand Shovel Metal Shard x 1 Wood Stick x 1
Improvised Compass Metal Shard x 1 Purified Water x 1
Smoke Flare Fertilizer x 1 Scrap of Cloth x 1 Packet of Sugar x 1
Torch Branch x 1 Scrap of Cloth x 1 Animal Fat x 1
Wrench Wood Stick x 1 Metal Bars x 2


While some traps in H1Z1 are about protecting one's base from the human and zombie threats that lurk beyond its walls, others are all about creating a sustainable life, such as the Animal Trap. These things will catch rabbits at a faster pace than players can eat them, which means no more dangerous trips into highly populated towns in search of canned goods. In fact, a friend of ours we once raided a base and came away with more than 125 cooked pieces of rabbit meat. It was a theft that we completely uncalled for since we had a stash of our own, but sometimes it's just fun to undo all of your rival's hard work.

Trap Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Animal Trap Wood Stick x 1 Wood Plank x 4 Nail x 4
Barbed Wire Metal Shard x 4 Wood Stick x 4
Punji Sticks Wood Stick x 8 Nail x 4
Snare Metal Shard x 1 Metal Sheet x 1

Again, keep in mind that these recipes may change, or we may have to add in more as future updates roll out. We'll be sure to stay on top of it as best we can, but don't hesitate to drop us a comment and let us know if there's anything we've missed or miscalculated. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive H1Z1 crafting guide out there so that survivors can spend less time on Google, and more time in-game.

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