H1Z1: Just Survive - AR-15 Locations

H1Z1: Just Survive - AR-15 Locations

Where to find an AR-15 in Just Survive.

This guide will show players how to find an AR-15 in H1Z1: Just Survive, whether they’re playing on a PvE or PvP server. In addition, we’ll explain how gamers can cycle the loot so that more spawns, giving them a better chance of getting the AR-15 they’re looking for.

How to Cycle Loot

Originally, there was a Machete there. We cycled the loot and look what popped up.

If you’ve found an AR-15 or two in the past, but those trusty locations aren’t coming through for you right now, try cycling the loot that spawns. This involves picking up whatever spawns where your AR-15 did previously, and moving that loot to another location. You should also leave the area, returning a short time later to see if your weapon of choice has arrived. This method can take quite some time due to the loot tables being very random. It is, however, one method that you can try.

Governor’s Retreat

We're starting to think that apartments are the best place to find an AR-15. Odd place for it.

This is likely your best bet to find an AR-15, or any other gun that you might be searching for, such as the AK-47. You can find the Governor’s Retreat in B2, in the north-west corner of the map. AR-15’s are likely to spawn on the counters in the kitchen, or in a couple locations in the basement. If you find guns there, but not the one you’re looking for, try cycling the loot as we’ve described above.

Military Base

Why do you need an AR-15? Because every once in a while a bear is on a roof and must be shot.

You can find an AR-15 at the Military Base that’s located in B4, a short distance to the south of the Governor’s Retreat that we described above. If you’re in Pleasant Valley, you will need to head north-west to reach the base. It’s just on the east side of Governor Highway. Once you arrive, focus your search on the tents, paying special attention to the beds and the floor around them.

Houses and Apartments

Hit up groups of apartment buildings, checking every unit for an AR-15. It shouldn't take long.

This is kind of broad, but more often than not we find our AR-15’s as we’re searching through a house or apartment for common, every day consumables. The key is to hit an entire neighborhood, checking all the houses and apartments that you find. Search every inch of these places and you’ll be surprised at how much useful loot you can find, including that elusive AR-15 you’re after.

Police Stations

Once you have your AR-15, you'll be better prepared to deal with zombies on rooftops.

AR-15’s can be found in the Police Stations that are located in Pleasant Valley and Cranberry, but these are very popular loot spots for other players. Besides that, you’re more likely to find an M9 in an office, or a Shotgun in the basement. Although we stop by here quite often to pick up other things, an AR-15 isn’t one of them. Stick to our suggestions above.

In the end, an AR-15 can be found just about anywhere, and the more thorough you loot, the more likely you are to find that, and other highly sought after items. If you limit yourself to just hitting one or two well-known spots, such as a Police Station or Military Base, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up being let down.

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