H1Z1: King of the Kill - How to Win at Battle Royale

H1Z1: King of the Kill - How to Win at Battle Royale

Tips to earn your or your team the top spot.

This guide will help you and your team win a round of Battle Royale in King of the Kill on H1Z1. This includes what preparations you need to make in the pre-game lobby, how to plan your descent via parachute, and even how you can reach the top 10 players left alive on a frequent basis.

Pre-Game Lobby

For your sanity, we suggest that you press Ctrl + M in the pre-game lobby. This will briefly mute the in-game chat so that you won’t hear the onslaught of terrible music, or lose faith in today’s youth. When that’s done, immediately discard your boots. You won’t take damage for not having footwear, and you’ll be able to move around more quietly. This prevents you from being heard by other players as easily as you would have been.

You’ll also want to tear up your bandana and hat. These two items will turn into cloth and allow you to craft an extra Bandage, but it will also ensure that you can quickly loot a helmet when the game starts. If you’re wearing a hat and you find a helmet, you’ll have to open up your inventory and discard the hat. If you do things our way, the lack of headgear on your character means you can g

rab the helmet and go, all without having to slow down or open the in-game menu.

Where to Land

Your options for landing once the game starts are limited. Our advice is to try and identify a building or house that is by itself, and then angle your character at the ground (and the building) to descend faster. If you are able to get the jump on other players and score yourself a quiet location to find a weapon and a bit of gear, you have a better chance of making it out of the first five minutes. If you can survive that initial frenzy of firefights, you have a very solid chance of making it until the end of the round.

Find a Vehicle

This is perhaps the most important thing that you can do in the first moments of the round. If you see a vehicle while you’re sailing towards the ground, go for it. Get in and drive away. You can always find a spot to loot in the coming moments, but at least it will be on your terms, and hopefully away from other players.

A vehicle is another good way to make it to the end of the round. You see, winning at Battle Royale is not so much about killing other players as it is surviving until the end. With a vehicle (preferably not an ATV), you can simply drive away from problem areas and avoid other gamers completely. Seriously, find a quiet spot that you can camp, and then sit there, moving into the safe zone when necessary. If you can get that vehicle (and use it responsibly), you’ll be in the top 10 more often than you’re not.

Three Gun Salute

It never hurts to have a couple of spare AR-15's in Battle Royale.

If you can, load up your three weapon slots with AR-15’s and AK-47’s. Whatever combination of the two you can work out. If that’s three AR-15’s… fine. If that’s two AR-15’s and one AK-47… great. The idea here is that you can switch weapons faster than you can reload one. If you’re in a battle and using your first AR-15, the second you run out of ammunition you can switch to the next with a quick spin of the mouse wheel. This gets you back into the fight (the shooting part) faster than your opponent. This, of course, depends entirely on your luck when it comes to the loot you find.


For our final tip, we’re circling back around to vehicles, but more specifically, sparkplugs. Vehicles require three things to run - Bio Fuel, Batteries and Sparkplugs. Okay, H1Z1 vehicles require those things, whereas real vehicles are slightly more complex.

All vehicles that you find in Battle Royale will have everything they need to run. When you find one, get out of the high traffic areas and somewhere remote. If you find a second vehicle, steal the sparkplugs out of it, preventing other players from finding a ride. The more people that have to walk everywhere that they go, the more likely they are to get caught in the Toxic Gas, or eliminated by another player on foot. Life in vehicles is safer, so make sure you’re in one, and that your opponent is not.

Oh, and if you leave your vehicle to loot a building, take the sparkplugs out to stop someone from stealing it and leaving you behind.

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