H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass - Season 1, Release Date, Reward Tiers, Skulls, How to Level Up

H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass - Season 1, Release Date, Reward Tiers, Skulls, How to Level Up

H1Z1 on PS4 is finally launching out of open beta. It’ll be getting the Battle Pass treatment, here’s what you need to know.

H1Z1 PS4 has been in open beta for a couple of months now, but things are set to change very soon indeed. It will be launching into its full version soon, and will be adopting a Battle Pass strategy, similar to the other big battle royale shooter, you know the one. To help you make sense of it all, and to ensure a smooth transition between beta and full game, we’ve gathered together everything you need to know about the H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass. In this H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass Guide, we’ll run you through how things will work come launch day. We’ll let you know what the release date is, how much it will cost, and what to do with your hard earned H1Z1 skulls.

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H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass Guide

While H1Z1 PS4 will remain free to play when it launches fully this week, there will be a Battle Pass available to purchase and three reward lines for players to work through. The skulls that have been collected during the H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta will be able to be traded for a new currency as well, meaning that you won’t lose some of your hard-earned progress.

H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass Release Date

H1Z1 PS4 will leave Open Beta on August 7. The servers will go live at 10AM PDT, and will allow players to access the full version of the game. Not a huge amount is set to change gameplay-wise, though there are a few new systems in place.

H1Z1 PS4 Server Downtime

To prepare for the full release of H1Z1 PS4, the servers will be down briefly. They’ll be taken down at 8PM PDT on August 6, and won’t be live again until the game launches the next day at 10AM PDT.

H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass Premium

When it launches later this week, H1Z1 PS4 will have three separate reward lines associated with its Battle Pass. These are free, PS Plus and Premium. Premium is the one that will cost you money to buy, though does unlock exclusive in-game items. The real value though is the ability to unlock new reward tiers by spending crowns, providing a shortcut to unlocking more content. Everyone else will need to earn medals in order to progress to the next tier, which involves completing Daily Challenges and levelling up by earning XP.

How to Level Up Battle Pass in H1Z1 PS4

Much like in Fortnite, players will be able to level up their Battle Pass in order to unlock new cosmetics and content. This is done by earning medals, which are earned in a couple of different ways. Here’s how to level up your Battle Pass in H1Z1 PS4:

  • Daily Challenges - You can earn Medals directly from completing your Daily Challenges each day.
  • Season Level Advancement - You will continue to earn XP from regular gameplay, such as getting kills or winning a match. This XP will feed directly into your Season Level (the maximum Season Level is 100). Each Season Level you gain grants you Medals as a reward, with milestone levels (the ones that end in 0 or 5) granting you even more Medals.

You will need ten medals to progress to the next tier of the Battle Pass, though you can spend crowns to level up if you’re a Premium Pass owner as well.

How Long Will Season 1 of the H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass Last

There will be distinct Seasons of play in the full version of H1Z1 PS4. Season 1 will run from August 7, right up until October 16.

H1Z1 PS4 Skulls - What Happens to Skulls at Launch

All of the Skulls that you’ve earned while playing H1Z1 PS4 in open beta will be converted into a new currency on launch day. Skulls will become Credits, with 50 Skulls equal to 1 Credit. Daily Challenges that used to grant Skulls will now grant Medals instead, which can be used to level up your Battle Pass. The Skull Exchange and all of the items associated with it will be added to the vault on Tuesday, August 7. Basically, if there’s anything you want to buy from the Skull Exchange, then act quickly before it all switches over.

H1Z1 PS4 - How to Get Credits

Credits are the new currency that will be added into H1Z1 PS4 at launch. Credits can be used to purchase everything from skins to new outfits. To get more, you’ll need to reach certain tiers in your Battle Pass. You can also break down duplicate skins into Credits as well. Featured items will be regularly rotated on the Marketplace, so you’ll be able to spend Credits there.

That’s everything you need to know about the H1Z1 PS4 Battle Pass. For more info on the game, be sure to head over to our H1Z1 PS4 Duos Guide. It’s got tips on how to make the most of laying Duos, including the best vehicles to use, and more.

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