H1Z1 PS4 Servers Taken Down in Preparation for Full Launch

The battle royale shooter is set to launch out of open beta later today.

H1Z1 PS4 servers are currently offline, as developer Daybreak prepares the game for its full launch later today. Battle Pass launches alongside official release.

H1Z1 has been in open beta on PS4 since May, giving players the chance to try it out early. New features have consistently been added in. From an Arcade Mode, to a skull-based currency system, these additions have slowly but surely been rounding out and polishing the game, getting it ready for a proper release. That release comes later today (August 7), at 10AM PDT to be precise. Until then though, the servers will be offline.

Daybreak is adding even more new features at launch, including a Battle Pass, similar to what you might find in Fortnite. The Battle Pass comes in both free and paid forms, with the latter unlocking the option to buy your way to the next level using in-game currency. There are daily challenges to complete, and XP to earn, with each subsequent reward tier offering new cosmetic items.

H1Z1 on PS4 has been hugely successful in its short time on the PS Store, surpassing 10 million players in just over two months. It's a slightly different beast to its PC counterpart, retooled specifically to be played on consoles, controller and all.

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