Hacker Given Jail Sentence for World of Warcraft DDoS Attack

Hacker Given Jail Sentence for World of Warcraft DDoS Attack

Real jail. Not one of those in-game jails you can break out of if your Lockpicking skill is high enough.

A Romanian man who adopted the moniker of an infamous Nazi doctor has been sentenced to one year in U.S. Federal prison for orchestrating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against World of Warcraft in 2010.

The convicted is 38-year-old Calin Mateias, who went by the hacker name "Dr Mengele"—the name of the Nazi doctor who conducted deadly experiments on Jews, Roma, and other prisoners.

Gentle reminder that the online world is occupied by real people and isn't your own make-believe McDonalds Playland to trash.

According to the United States Department of Justice, Mateias attacked European World of Warcraft servers in between February and September of 2010, usually following disputes with other players. He stood trial after being extradited from Romania last year and pleaded guilty in February to "one count of intentional damage to a protected computer." In addition to his year in Federal prison, Mateias must pay $29,987 USD to compensate Blizzard for the downtime caused by the DDoS attacks.

A DDoS attack floods a targeted network with superfluous requests, which usually results in slowdowns and crashes. Initiating a DDoS attack is usually a matter of downloading and executing a script. It's quite easy to do, unfortunately, and an attack can have a profound effect on a game like World of Warcraft.

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