Half-Life Alyx Characters List: Confirmed Returning and New Characters

Half-Life Alyx Characters List: Confirmed Returning and New Characters

Half-Life Alyx is a brand new entry into the iconic sci-fi series. Here’s every character we know about so far.

Half-Life Alyx is the first game in the series in quite some time. It’s a VR-only title, focusing on Alyx Vance as she attempts to steal a weapon hidden in City 17. The trailers we’ve seen so far reveal very little about the game, though do show off some new characters as well as returning ones. To help you keep track we’ve collected all of the confirmed characters for Half Life Alyx we’ve seen so far into this handy guide.

Confirmed Half-Life Alyx Characters

Even though we’ve only had a brief teaser trailer for Half-Life Alyx we’ve actually seen a fair few characters that will play a part. These include returning characters as well as new ones. We’ve listed them below:

Alyx Vance

Gordon and Alyx | Valve

Alyx Vance is the main protagonist of Half-Life Alyx. She was Gordon’s partner in Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes. Given that Half-Life Alyx likely takes place before Half-Life 2, Alyx is in a particularly tumultuous time in her life, facing down the The Combine while living in City 17.

Dr. Eli Vance

Dr Eli returns! | Valve

Dr. Eli Vance features pretty heavily in the reveal trailer, giving Alyx support and advice over the airwaves. We also catch a glimpse of his face, a welcome sight for fans of Half-Life 2. After escaping the Black Mesa Research Facility, Eli helped found the local Resistance chapter in City 17, and became the leader of Black Mesa East.

The G-Man

He's back! | Valve

At the end of the reveal trailer we are greeted by a familiar face— The G-Man. Often referred to as a ‘sinister interdimensional bureaucrat,' The G-Man’s shadow lingers over much of the Half-Life series. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of role he plays in this new game.


Well that's gonna suck in VR | Valve

You could argue that headcrabs are more monsters than characters, but there’s certainly no doubt they’re an iconic part of the Half-Life series. We see a bunch of new types in the reveal trailer including a strange black spiked one. Poisonous and zombie variants also appear to be making a return.

The Combine

Up the Resistance | Valve

You’ll be shooting plenty of The Combine in Half-Life Alyx, and there seems to be some new variants this time around. In the trailer we see The Combine in hazmat suits, huge riot gear and even a strange barnacle-controlled officer variant.

New Character (Rhys Darby)

Rhys Darby plays this mystery character in Half-Life Alyx | Valve

The first new character we see in the reveal trailer has been confirmed by Valve to be played by Flight of the Conchord’s very own Rhys Darby. We don’t know much about this character, not even their name, but it looks like they will be Alyx’s new partner. We’ll update this page when we hear more.


Definitely not friendly | Valve

Finally, we have the antlion. These are ferocious creatures that first appeared in Half-Life 2. They come in several types, which we will likely see in Half-Life Alyx.

That’s all of the characters we know will feature in Half-Life Alyx so far. As more characters are revealed we’ll be sure to add them to this list. In the meantime be sure to check out our article on Five Lingering Questions Half-Life Alyx Needs to Answer. Elsewhere, there’s also our breakdown of Why It’s So Much Easier for Half-Life Alyx to Just Show Hands.

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