Halo 5: Guardians - Requisition System Breakdown - How REQ Cards Work

Halo 5: Guardians - Requisition System Breakdown - How REQ Cards Work

How the new REQ Card System works in Halo 5.

One of the most prominent new features of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer is the Requisition System, or REQ System for short. As players spend time in multiplayer matches, they will accumulate points that can be redeemed to purchase REQ Packs that unlock various REQ Cards. These cards can have an impact on multiplayer matches, depending on the card type, adding variety to game modes like Warzone while encourage players to adopt new strategies.

Earning REQ Points during multiplayer is fairly straightforward. More skilled actions, such as landing headshots or capturing objectives, can score you more points, but even average skilled players have the opportunity to accumulate points. As long as you are participating in multiplayer and are completing matches, you will accumulate REQ points that can be used to unlock REQ Packs.

Requisition (REQ) Card Types

There are two primary types of REQ Cards available: permanent, and single-use. Permanent cards can be used repeatedly once they are unlocked, while single-use cards are only available once and disappear after being equipped, as the name suggests.

Permanent REQ Cards mainly consist of cosmetic items, such as personal loadout weapons, emblems, assassination animations, player stances, and more. Permanent weapons and armor are essentially the most valuable reward types, as these will have lasting impact on a player’s loadout and subsequent multiplayer strategy. Plus, since cosmetic items compose the bulk of the permanent rewards, players who like to show off their unique customizations will want to earn as many permanent REQ cards as possible.

Single-use REQ Cards allow powerful weapons, vehicles, and power-ups to become available. However, these special cards come with the caveat of being exclusive to the hectic 12-versus-12 game mode, Warzone. Only the REQ Point Grant and XP Boost cards can be applied toward either Arena or Warzone modes.

REQ Cards can be categorized into five levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary, and each is marked by a corresponding color. Players must expend a certain amount of energy to activate a card, depending on the power and rarity of the card they wish to use. Energy is gained through REQ levels, which are obtained by defeating opponents and achieving objectives throughout the course of a multiplayer match. The rarity of the card tends to impact the power and cost of the card. Some super rare, extra powerful cards have the ability to greatly influence the tides of battle, and are thus marked with a particular ribbon indicating Mythic Status.

REQ Pack Types

REQ Packs are found in the Store section of the Spartan Hub and can be purchased using Requisition Points acquired during matches, or with actual real-world money for those who don’t want to spend time accumulating points. The REQ Packs themselves are divided into several types based on their various costs and values: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, Promotion, and Supply. Spartan Rank and Commendation Packs can also be awarded to players as they achieve certain rank or challenge milestones.

Typically, the chances of earning a rare card increases when purchasing more expensive REQ Packs. For example, the Gold REQ Packs tend to offer more cards, with a high chance of granting a Legendary card, and guarantees two new permanent REQ cards when available. If your goal is to unlock as many permanent cards as possible, then saving up for Silver or Gold packs will be your best bet. If you find yourself acquiring too many single-use cards and wish to be rid of them, you can opt to exchange unwanted cards for REQ Points. The rarer the card, the more REQ Points it will be worth.

How to Use REQ Cards

Players must locate a REQ Station during a Warzone match to redeem cards for single-use weapons and vehicles. These items can also be purchased at the menu while waiting in between spawn times. Keep in mind that you must reach a certain REQ level to begin redeeming cards. Loadout weapons will be available to the player for the remainder of the match once they are purchased. However, items such as Power Weapons, Vehicles, and Boosts will not be available once the player dies after purchasing the item.

This new REQ System has certainly added a new level of complexity to the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer. Now that you know the REQ basics, feel free to check out our Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Overview Guide.

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