Halo 5: Guardians - Warzone Overview Guide - Warzone Basics and Tips

Halo 5: Guardians - Warzone Overview Guide - Warzone Basics and Tips

Capture bases and gain Victory Points to achieve success in Warzone and Warzone Assault.

The newest addition to the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer is a massive 24-player game mode called Warzone. Warzone offers an intense objective-based battle throughout various locations, and includes vehicles and enemy AI for an added level of complexity. Successful Warzone players know how to strike a balance between teamwork and tactical strategy. Follow our guide for tips on how to dominate the Warzone battlefield.

Warzone consists of two main objectives: earning Victory Points (VP), and gaining control of bases. A team can win a match by accumulating a total of 1,000 Victory Points, which are earned by defeating AI controlled Bosses and enemies, as well as capturing and holding bases. However, if a team gains control of all three bases, they can launch an assault on the enemy Power Core. Destroying the Core also grants a victory.

All Spartans who enter into a game of Warzone begin with the same weapon loadout. This is where the new Requisition (REQ) System comes into play. REQ Points are accumulated by playing and completing multiplayer matches. These points can be spent on REQ Packs in the Spartan Hub to unlock single-use items that can be utilized exclusively during the Warzone game modes. Check out our guide for details on how the REQ System works in Halo 5: Guardians.

Single-use items can be purchased at REQ Stations within a Warzone match, or at the menu during the respawn screen. Eliminating enemies and completing objectives causes players to accumulate Energy, increasing their REQ level. Energy can be used to purchase REQ Cards. The more Energy you gain, the higher your REQ level well be, allowing for more expensive REQ Card purchases.

When deciding which REQ Card to utilize, try to equip items that would best suit the situation. Purchasing a power up or a vehicle results in a cooldown time on your REQ level, so make sure your purchase suits the occasion, especially for single-use items. For example, a vehicle can help to overwhelm or distract the enemy while your team aggressively moves forward. It is worth noting, however, that a Power Weapon will drop wherever you die, allowing the enemy team to potentially pick it up. Running overzealously into an enemy base can result in your precious single-use Power Weapon falling into enemy hands, so choose your REQ items wisely.

Securing bases plays a huge role in a team’s success. At the start of the match, your team should work to eliminate all AI enemies. Securing your Home Base is necessary before moving on to other bases, and you want to make sure not to leave your Home Base vulnerable. If the enemy team is able to capture the other three bases, they can easily make their move toward your Power Core. Keep in mind that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, by both the enemy players as well as the AI-controlled enemies. Focus on clearing out all enemy threats that may be contesting a base before pushing with your team to capture it. Victory Points will slowly accumulate once a base is captured. Along with securing bases, defeating AI enemies can quickly push your team’s Victory Points ahead, allowing your team to take the lead.

AI-controlled Bosses will also spawn in various locations at certain intervals throughout the match. Defeating these Bosses can be crucial to overtaking the enemy team in Victory Points, as each Boss grants a VP bounty ranging from Standard to Legendary. Taking down a Boss can require the efforts of your entire team, but just remember that the team that deals the finishing blow will earn the extra VP. Try to notice when the enemy team is attempting to take down a Boss. You can easily sneak in to finish off the Boss, snagging those extra Victory Points away from your opponents.

Warzone Assault

There is another Warzone mode called Warzone Assault. Players who are familiar with the Battlefield multiplayer mode Rush will notice the similarities in this mode. Warzone Assault consists of an offensive team, and a defensive team. The offensive team must push to capture a series of enemy bases within the allotted time. Once the bases are captured, the offensive team can make a final push to destroy the core located in the enemy Home Base. Meanwhile the defending team must, well, defend. This mode occurs on a smaller rendition of a regular Warzone map, and is the more straightforward version of the two dynamic Warzone game modes.

As with most competitive multiplayer games, it always helps to communicate with your team. Coordinate aggressive maneuvers with REQ item purchases, and move as a unit to overtake enemy bases. Take cover and watch each others backs when being filtered through choke points. Also, don’t be afraid to act as a distraction while your teammates push forward, just be sure your team knows the plan before diving into enemy territory.

Warzone is great addition for players who are seeking a bit more of a challenge from the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer. If Arena is more your style, check out our Halo 5: Arena Overview Guide.

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