Halo Infinite Community Director Embraces and Names the Brute at the Center of Its Graphics Debate

Halo Infinite Community Director Embraces and Names the Brute at the Center of Its Graphics Debate

343 wants to introduce you to Craig.

Yesterday at the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft finally showed off some gameplay for Halo Infinite. After years of fan expectations, the gameplay was met with muted excitement due to the lack of visual pizazz players wanted from the "next generation".

During the gameplay presentation, there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where the Master Chief cold-cocks a Brute. This small bit where you see the Brute's face has become something of a meme online since then. As my colleague Hirun wrote, it "gave us an up-close look into the very soul of the Brute itself."

In response, Halo community director Brian Jarrard isn't running away. Instead, he's embracing all things Brute meme. He even gave the poor Brute a name: Craig.

"So are we in agreement [that] the poor deadpan Brute is named Craig? I now really want to know more about Craig. What’s he up to? How has his time on the ring been? When he’s not getting smacked in the face what does he do for fun?" asked Jarrard on Twitter.

"Send me your Craig memes," he tweeted as a follow-up.

It's probably one of the smarter things a community director has done: run towards the fire, immolating yourself and being reborn as a cool studio. Folks over at Halo Memes have had a field day with the Brute, and ultimately embracing its new name. They're also named another Brute "Gregory" and the unnamed Master Chief friend 343 Industries is calling The Pilot is now known as "Brohammer".

Despite having a release window of Holiday 2020, Xbox Games Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg told Inside Gaming that Halo Infinite is still a "work-in-progress". 343 Industries admitted that the game is "not quite" where the team wants it in regards to public testing. We also spoke to 343 associate creative director Paul Crocker, who said that Halo Infinite isn't entirely an open world: there are open and expansive areas that are unlocked via story progress. You will be able to stomp across this new Halo with your friends in cooperative play though.

"You're going to able to explore the ring absolutely with your fireteam," said Infinite's Head of Design Jerry Hook. "Keep them together, have a blast, make it your ring, and defeat the Banished."

Halo Infinite is planned for launch alongside the Xbox Series X, with additional releases on PC and Xbox One.

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