Halo Infinite Might Have RPG Elements, According to New Report

Every game is an RPG now, maybe even Halo.

Every game is an RPG these days. Assassin's Creed famously adopted some pretty meaty RPG elements, and God of War has done much the same. Now there are some suggestions that Halo Infinite may be the latest series to try and adopt some additional depth.

In a report containing a bunch of new Microsoft rumors, the tech news site Thurrott is reporting that Halo Infinite will have a story that "adapt[s] to decisions the user makes." It may also have "more RPG elements than prior versions of the series." This is on top of its brand new Slipspace Engine," which was previously revealed last year.

If Halo Infinite is anything like other triple-A action games with RPG elements, it stands to reason that it will have some kind of tech tree and crafting mechanics. Both of these elements have become pretty standard in big-budget games of late.

In any case we've been hearing a few things about Halo Infinite outselves. 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross revealed in a recent interview with USG that Halo Infinite's development is taking longer than usual because the studio is busy building the tools and the development pipeline. This will hopefully help the studio avoid the sort of crunch that marred Halo 4 and Halo 5.

Otherwise 343 Industries has barely talked about Halo Infinite. It was formally unveiled at E3 2018, but we know relatively little about how it will build on the previous games other than that it will "double down" on making Master Chief the focus.

In the meantime, Thurrott is also the latest to report that Microsoft will officially reveal its next-gen console at E3 2019, reportedly codenamed "Anaconda." Will Halo Infinite be on the next-generation Xbox? Given the speed at which the new generation seems to be approaching, it sure wouldn't be shocking. You can find the rest of our Halo Infinite coverage here.

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