Halo Infinite's Newest Foe Is an Elite With a Mysterious Past

Halo Infinite's Newest Foe Is an Elite With a Mysterious Past

Step aside, Craig. Let the fella with the red sword through.

Were it not for a sudden delay into 2021, we'd probably be seeing more screenshots and footage from Halo Infinite as opposed to concept art. Still, while 343 Industries takes some extra time to get Infinite to the point Microsoft wants (and needs) it to be, it seems like the studio's going to keep up a steady drip of new lore and teases for Halo devotees. This week, that means introducing the world to one of Infinite's new baddies.

As shown in the campaign gameplay demo from July, Infinite's enemy faction are the Banished, a Covenant splinter group led by Brutes who were first introduced in Halo Wars 2. The Banished do count some Elites or Sangheili amongst their numbers (if you haven't really kept up with post-Prophet interspecies politics in Halo, well, they're complicated), but so far we've only seen some regular old footsoldiers. At the end of the demo we were introduced to War Chief Escharum, a Brute fond of monologuing/Infinite's main antagonist, but that doesn't mean we won't go up against a unique, imposing Elite as well.

Enter Jega 'Rdomnai, an Elite warrior with a prosthetic arm and a blood-red Energy Sword. In a new post over at Halo Waypoint, we get a bit of background on Jega along with some concept art. He's a "blademaster" whose past is both up for debate and discussed in hush tones, but the key takeaway here is that it seems he won't be the only tough guy standing between the Master Chief and Escharum:

A mysterious and battle-ravaged Sangheili warrior, Jega represents one of several new characters that you will encounter along your way through the Halo Infinite campaign, with each confrontation playing its own part in Chief's continuing journey.
What are the chances that blade hits harder than your average Energy Sword? | 343 Industries/Microsoft

With Halo Infinite's campaign embracing a more open, expansive structure, perhaps Jega and other high-ranking Banished soldiers will serve as targets players need to take down in order to advance the story and access more of Zeta Halo.

Considering that the lowly Craig ended up overshadowing every other Brute and Elite from the last demo, it may be a while yet before we see more preview gameplay from the campaign. We'll find out what Jega's role in Infinite is for ourselves in 2021 when the game launches for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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