Halo Reach: Where to Find the Hidden Binary Signature and Complete the ‘I’m Sorry Dave’ Achievement

Halo Reach: Where to Find the Hidden Binary Signature and Complete the ‘I’m Sorry Dave’ Achievement

Here’s where to find the Hidden Binary Signature.

Great news Spartans, Halo Reach has just been added to the Master Chief Collection. As a result, Xbox One and PC players can revisit the cult classic, which has been given a significant facelift since its original 2010 release. There’s even new Achievements to take on, adding new goals to complete and Easter Eggs to find. One of these new Achievements is called ‘I’m Sorry Dave’, tasking and it tasks players with locating a hidden binary signature. Here’s how to complete it.

Hidden Binary Signature Location

While other Halo Reach Achievements might ask you to find and collect certain items, the Hidden Binary Signature is something hidden away in the game’s HUD. Specifically, you’ll need to do the following to complete the ‘I’m Sorry Dave’ Achievement:

  1. Equip a non-scoped weapon
  2. Zoom in by pressing RS
  3. Check the lower left corner of the screen, you’ll see a string of binary code
  4. Keep this code on the screen for a few seconds and the Achievement will pop

What Does the Hidden Binary Signature Mean?

You might be left scratching your head after bagging yourself the ‘I’m Sorry Dave’ Achievement, so what exactly does it all mean. Well, the code itself reads ‘01000100011000010111011001100101’ which translates to Dave in English. This is all a reference to Dave Candland who worked as the UX designer on several Halo games, as well as Destiny. For our money, it’s also a nod to the rather chilling line uttered by HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hidden Binary Signature in Halo Reach. For more on the game why not check out our look at earning Season Points as part of the new Master Chief Collection port.

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