Hands-On With Watch Dogs 2's Biggest DLC Drop Yet

Hands-On With Watch Dogs 2's Biggest DLC Drop Yet

Watch Dogs 2's upcoming DLC adds new single-player missions, PvP, and a puppy sweater.

Watch Dogs 2 is still chuggin’ along with its DLC updates. Some for all platforms, others as a part of its season pass. And this week, I had a chance to check most of the additions to what Ubisoft is calling their biggest post-launch batch of content for Watch Dogs 2 yet.

As for the DLC itself, on April 17th Watch Dogs 2 players will have access to as a variety of platform-wide free downloadable content, including Showdown, a new team-based PvP mode, miscellaneous multiplayer racing (motocross, karts, and flying drones), a non-lethal paintball gun (if you’re down with painting the town a different shade of red, as in not blood), and 13 new clothing options, including a puppy sweater.

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On April 18th for PS4 players, the latest installment in Watch Dogs 2’s Season Pass DLC hits: No Compromise. Included in No Compromise is the Moscow Gambit operation, six single-player time trials, exclusive police, fireman, and paramedic outfits and vehicles (which allow you to interact with NPCs in new ways), and the addition of the air shotgun and the sniper stun rifle, two non-lethal weapons.

This was my first time diving back into Watch Dogs 2 since I played the game in November. While the sequel improved on its predecessor, I found the game still had its issues. Hacking, even divvied and varied between drones, was still a slog. While I enjoyed the lively main character and the game’s goofy early missions, as it progressed I found it to grow tonally and mechanically incongruent. Playing as Marcus (the downright dorky hero), I never felt like he would use deadly force as he navigated missions. But as the game spiraled down, lethal guns were quite literally dropped into his hands, for reasons I never felt were justified. The campaign bounced from unearned drama to over-the-top goofiness that felt dredged from memes passed around by preteens on image boards. And as someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I wound up feeling disappointed by its virtual representation of San Francisco.

As I played the first segment of the new string of single-player missions, Moscow Gambit, it didn’t salvage these grievances. In the opening mission, Marcus hacks his way through floors of obnoxious porn sets. His all-seeing tech-eye hops from camera to camera. On occasion, he controls a tentacled robot that exudes sensual moaning from porn as it waddles forward. The quick mission escalates to an absurd scene of Marcus spanking a guy with a paddle, played for corny giggles for your hacker buddies hanging out in their headquarters.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer components were mostly enjoyable. While the racing options will exist for people that enjoy the odd clunkiness of open world driving (and flying), I was pleasantly surprised by the PvP I played. As if sharing the world with another combatant suddenly made San Francisco feel more welcoming, more open, more—dare I say it with a cringe—hackable.

In Showdown mode, players team up two-on-two for miscellaneous modes. In one, players scramble across an area collecting hard-to-reach data points, having to get there before the other duo does. Others are like a King of the Hill scenario, skedaddling over to a point and holding that section until whatever you’re hacking finishes “downloading,” then it’s off to the next point. The modes take place in predetermined areas all around the virtual Bay Area. In most cases, they’re big enough to where communicating with whoever you’re playing alongside is essential. Though with so many overpowered guns to choose from during our demo, I found the one-hit kills on both sides lessening the tension.

On May 18th, Xbox One and PC players will be able to download the No Compromise DLC from the Season Pass. In May, seamless PvP support for the armored truck feature and a seamless new PvE event will be added for all platforms in addition to other fixes. In June, up to four players at a time will be able to roam around the game in a party.

Paintball guns, while inefficient in battle, look cool.

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