Heading to Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend? Come See Us, Live!

Heading to Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend? Come See Us, Live!

It'll be a cold weekend in Milwaukee, but Retronauts can warm your soul.

People have been asking for a Retronauts appearance at Midwest Gaming Classic for quite a while now — and it seems only fair, since we've hit both coasts for live panels, but never the middle of the country. That changes this weekend, though, as Bob and I are both en route to Milwaukee today.

If you'll be attending MGC, you should come see us! We'll be presenting a live panel at 2 p.m. Saturday on the subject of SEGA's Master System. It's been the better part of a decade since the Retronauts podcast touched on the Master System in any real capacity, and SEGA fanatics are still posting angry messages about how much that episode sucked, all these years later. I recall us being fairly positive about the system, but oh well.

There will be nothing to complain about this time around, because we've headed off future grumbling at the pass by bringing two Master System enthusiasts and experts onto the panel. That's right, we're flying in two guests at our own expense just so embittered SEGA champions can have their satisfaction. That's the kind of customer service you just don't see these days. We'll be joined by both Greg Sewart (formerly of Electronic Gaming Monthly, currently host of video chronogaming series Generation 16, and relentless SEGA cheerleader on Twitter) and Dylan Cornelius (creator of SEGA Does, a chronogaming blog that aims to cover ever single SEGA console release in the world, beginning with the obscure SG-1000), and they will keep the Master System torch burning bright. Plus, both Bob and myself have been cramming for this presentation, playing and reading about and watching videos of essential Master System titles.

A good time is guaranteed for all, unless you hate SEGA. And if you don't have a good time at the panel at 2 p.m., you'll probably enjoy the meetup later Saturday evening — full details to be announced at the panel and broadcast on the Retronauts Twitter account, but it looks like we'll be taking over a corner of the hotel bar for an hour or two. Join us for a libation! This may be a 21+ kind of affair, but I imagine there aren't a lot of younglings listening to the show, so come out and enjoy a Yeungling. Or whatever.

The fun doesn't end Saturday, though. While Bob has to skip town fairly early in the day, I'll be hosting a second panel Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. Not just any panel, though: I'll be moderating a question-and-answer session with Dan and Terry Diebold, whose names you may recognize as the guys who unearthed the legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype last year. They'll be bringing along their find and I believe even booting it up live and in person to show off the early system software, so it should be a rare and interesting opportunity. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

And if you can't make it to Milwaukee, well... that's a shame, but barring some sort of catastrophic equipment failure, we will be publishing our panel as an episode posthaste. Retronauts Patreon supporters can expect it on Monday, and it'll go out to the general public the following week. Hope to see you there!

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