Hearthstone Balance Changes: The Rogue's Caverns Below Quest is Getting a Welcome Nerf [Update]

Hearthstone Balance Changes: The Rogue's Caverns Below Quest is Getting a Welcome Nerf [Update]

Crystal Rogue will soon be a bit harder to pull off.

Update: Blizzard says that the update won't be happening in the next couple days, but that "It is safe to say it will happen before the next expansion."

It will no longer be quite so easy to dominate with the Quest Rogue deck thanks to some upcoming balance changes to Hearthstone.


Blizzard announced today that they will be raising the requirement for the quest completion, making it harder to finish off in a timely fashion.

The change is centered around the "Caverns Below" card—a Rogue quest that requires you to put out four copies of the same type of card, the successful completion of which makes all minions into 5/5 monsters.

The ease of completing the Cavern's Below quest has made the Rogue one of Hearthstone's most powerful classes since the launch of the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. But Blizzard's nerf, which requires five cards instead of the previous four, should curtail its power a bit.

Blizzard wrote of the change, "The Caverns Below is uniquely powerful versus several slower, control-oriented decks and played often enough that it's pushing those decks out of play. This change should help expand the deck options available to players both now and after the release of the next expansion."

The fans seem content with this change. Over on the Hearthstone subreddit, the top-rated comment praised the decision, "Crystal Rogue isn't the strongest deck but it did indeed oppress a fair amount of other decks in a rather un-fun fashion. It's better to throw out a deck with such polarised match-ups while still leaving the card potentially playable further down the line than trying to solve everything in the next set."

The balance change is part of a broader rebalance of the game mechanics. Starting with the next expansion, Blizzard will also be rebalancing Hearthstone's legendary card draws.

Look for the balance update in the next couple days as Blizzard rolls into a new season of competitive play.

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