Hearthstone Is Getting Its First New Class Since Launch: The Demon Hunter

Hearthstone Is Getting Its First New Class Since Launch: The Demon Hunter

Illidan's not just a card anymore.

A new Hearthstone expansion is on the way, but it's bringing a big change along with it. Hearthstone finally has a new class, the Demon Hunter, and it's represented by none other than Illidan Stormrage.

Since its launch six years ago, Hearthstone has stuck to its core nine classes, always finding ways to bend (or break) them, but never adding a new paradigm to the fold. Now, the Demon Hunter will join the fray with a Hero Power that adds +1 Attack for one mana and a new set of cards.

Players can unlock the Demon Hunter class for free by beating the class' prologue campaign, which takes place across four story-focused missions telling the origins of Illidan Stormrage. The missions go live on April 2, and those who beat them will unlock Illidan when the new expansion launches on April 7.

This is an interesting move for Hearthstone, though probably a good one. Its strange take on autobattlers didn't do much to pull me in, and the core game has some fresh competition in the form of Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra. Add in the major controversy stirred up when Blizzard banned professional player Blitzchung for his pro-Hong Kong protest, and Hearthstone could really use something new and exciting to generate some good feelings in the playerbase.

Whether Illidan Stormrage brings some exciting variety to Hearthstone will be seen in April. At least now the legendary Demon Hunter isn't confined to just being a so-so Legendary anymore.

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