Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne's Good Boy Dog Card is Winning Over Fans and Players

Arfus is a good boy, and maybe a good card?

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The newest Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, comes out today and players finally know what cards to expect including a new Legendary card revealed a couple days ago. His name is Arfus, and he's a good boy. But while it may seem like the card was made as a joke, with some low attack and health stats, it shares similar card text to the Lich King card, and players are starting to seriously consider this little guy for their deck builds. Remember, he's a very good boy.


Arfus, the Lich King's beautiful pooch, features the Deathrattle skill which randomly gives you a Death Knight card. The card costs four mana and has two attack and health. It's one of the most expensive new cards to craft, and is clearly made for fun. But since his reveal, Arfus has been embraced by the Hearthstone community.

;-; my boyyyy

As some commenters mention, Arfus has a weird mana cost that makes it less graceful than it could be. But for Hunter decks that need the Deathrattle ability, Arfus has the added benefit of providing a Death Knight card while also looking adorable doing it. And players are taking note, with many players saying they'll probably try and make at least one deck with an Arfus.

Arfus' specific strategy appears to involve Hunter decks that revolve around his beast tags, or in decks that are set to use multiple Deathrattles, which Frozen Knight expansion adding more Deathrattle cards into the mix.

Another interesting little tidbit is the fact that Arfus isn't actually in World of Warcraft and was designed specifically for Hearthstone. His flavor text calls him the "Lick King", because I can't stress this enough, he's a good dog Brent.

So regardless of whether or not Arfus was ever meant to be taken seriously by the card design team at Blizzard, Arfus' surprisingly useful skill is making him one of the hottest cards for this cold expansion.

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