Hearthstone's Monster Hunt Single-Player Mode is Now Live, Details Here

Hearthstone's Monster Hunt Single-Player Mode is Now Live, Details Here

Prepare for the Monster Hunt.

The newest single-player mode for the latest Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood, is now live. Monster Hunt is a spooky-themed variation of the last expansion's Dungeon Run single-player mode.

Like Dungeon Run, Monster Hunt will ask players to choose one of four unique champions to battle it out with seven random bosses before encountering a special boss unique to each hero. Players can choose from the following heroes:

  • Tracker Tess Greymane - A cunning Rogue class character whose hero power "Scavenge" allows players to Discover a class spell card that's already been cast.
  • Cannoneer Darius Crowley - A warrior whose hero power "Fire!" fires all of his cannons on the board. If a minion is killed in the barrage, the power is instantly reloaded and can be fired again in the same turn.
  • Houndmaster Shaw - A hunter who works with his prized hounds Princess, Butch, and Bubba. His hero power "Dog Whistle" gives his dogs a Rush ability, letting them immediately attack minions.
  • Time Tinker Toki - A Mage with the hero power "Temporal Loop" that lets players to start their turn over.

In addition, each hero class has a unique nemesis they must fight that is unique to them. The following nemeses should be considered the final boss of a Monster Hunt run:

  • Captain Shivers - The Tracker's nemesis and a rogue whos Plunder hero power lets him draw a weapon from his deck.
  • Lord Godfrey - The Cannoneer's Warrior nemesis who can use "Pistol Barrage" and deal two damage to a minion and whoever's next to it.
  • Glinda Crowskin - A Hunter nemesis that uses "False Heart" to make her immune if minions are on the board.
  • Infinite Toki - A gnome who is actually Toki from the future. Her power "Chronoacceleration" gives friendly minions Mega-Windfury, though it will die at the end of the turn.

Defeat all the nemeses and players will face off against Hagatha the Witch who has 100 health, exclusive and OP cards, and a passive hero power that adds random Shaman spells to her hand every time she plays a minion. It's why the four heroes have to unite to take her down. Complete all the bosses and win a Monster Hunt back

Monster Hunter is part of the Witchwood expansion, the first expansion in the year of the Raven. For more on The Witchwood, you can check out our interview with now-former Hearthstone director Ben Brode about the new expansion and the state of Hearthstone's meta.

You should also of course check out our Witchwood Guide for info on all the new Hearthstone cards and keywords introduced in this expansion.

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