Hearthstone's Un'Goro Expansion Launches on April 8

Hearthstone's Un'Goro Expansion Launches on April 8

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing 135 news cards and a ton of tweaks to Hearthstone this April.

Blizzard Entertainment announced today when players can finally journey to the lost wilds of the Un'Goro Crater. Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion will launch on iOS, Android, and PC on April 6. Players can prepare for the expansion by pre-purchasing a bundle of 50 Journey to Un'Goro card packs.

The new expansion offers 135 new cards to the game and offers up some brand-new mechanics to veteran Hearthstone players. For example, there's new Adapt cards, which allow players to choose from one of three buffs when drawn, other of a total pool of 10.

"One of the things we like about Adapt is that it affords you the versatility to make some unusual choices if the situation warrants it. Cards with keywords like Poisonous can create some very interesting board states, but the cards on their own might be too one-dimensional to warrant inclusion in your deck. One of our mechanical goals with Adapt was to take all of these interesting attributes and let players decide when and how to utilize them," explained game designer Dean Ayala.

The new Elemental mechanics build on previously-played cards of the same Element. The mechanic helps players build more cohesive desks and rewards those who plan ahead. A number of existing cards featuring Elemental characters will also be transitioning over to this new system with the expansion. Those cards include Ragnaros Lightlord, Neptulon, and Magma Rager to name a few.

"When you play an Elemental, their latent energy sticks around and other Elementals can make use of it on the following turn," wrote game designer Mike Donais. "Elementals are fun because you can plan future turns in advance and get rewarded for it. You end up playing your turn differently because you're thinking about what you want to do on your next turn ...and even the turn after. Some of the Elemental cards are particularly good in control decks. Notice how Stone Sentinel is a late game card that gives you two Taunt minions? Ozruk, the new Legendary Elemental, is a huge Taunt minion when played in a deck with lots of other small Elementals."

Finally, there's the all-new Quest cards, which are cards with specific conditions that offer strong benefits if you complete them.

"When we started out, we wanted Quests to feel as much like normal cards as possible, which would make them fit into the rules naturally while being easier to understand," wrote senior game designer Peter Whalen. "We quickly realized that the most fun Quests were the ones that asked you to accomplish something over the course of a game-those paid off the core Quest fantasy the most. On the design side, each class has a Quest to help anchor them in Un'Goro. We think Quests are cool, but we also don't expect every player to want to play with one in their deck, so we tried to make sure to provide other themes and individually interesting cards to explore, too."

Hearthstone players can also log-in during the Year of the Mammoth celebration, offering free card packs, dust, gold, and potentially golden Volcanosaur card by logging-in each day until April 5.

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