Hello Games Back in Business After the Flood

No Man's Sky is still in development as Hello Games works in temporary locations

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One of the standout previews from the 2013 VGX show was Hello Games' No Man's Sky. The small team surprised a lot of people and teased a pretty interesting experience. Things were going great for Hello Games heading into 2014.

Until Christmas EVE, when Hello Games' studio in Guildford, England was flooded during a storm which hit the region. The flood destroyed all of Hello Games' equipment and furniture and their insurance wasn't going to cover the damages.

"The good news is that people have been so so so nice. So genuinely overwhelmingly supportive that actually I don't know what to say," wrote Hello Games managing director Sean Murray in a post on their official blog. "Everyone assembled over Christmas and we've been working super hard since. Right now we have set ourselves up at a new temporary (cramped!) location. Some of us are working from home. We've filled a couple of dumpsters with our old stuff, and built ourselves a make-shift post-apocalyptic set of workstations – but we're back, full speed!"

"Over the next few months we expect to be in a nice new office, or to rebuild our old one better than ever. It sucks to see years of concept art floating in muddy water, it sucks to lose so much so quickly (Christmas or not). It isn’t some anonymous building to us, and it literally broke my heart to watch what happened. From the outside it might make us seem fragile as a company, but I promise we’re strong and I hope we’ll come out of this stronger."

Murrary said that Hello Games won't let No Man's Sky be delayed despite the loss of their studio space, even though we haven't been given a firm release date yet. He also vetoed the idea of a Kickstarter for the game.

"I just don't think it's the right thing for No Man's Sky right now though, and we'd probably rather not eat than do the wrong thing for this game," he wrote.

We here at USgamer wish Hello Games luck on rebuilding their studio and we'll keep you posted on any further news about No Man's Sky.

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