Her Story Creator Teams Up With Annapurna Interactive For New FMV Game

Her Story Creator Teams Up With Annapurna Interactive For New FMV Game

The game will be a spiritual successor to Her Story.

Her Story was a marvel in 2015. It did the impossible by making FMV games riveting, interesting, and sorta cool (again). It tasked players as someone reviewing interrogations with seemingly a single suspect, navigating the pitfalls of old school PCs, scattered videos, and obtusely limited search engines. The player felt like a detective on the virtual desktop, unraveling the central mystery and finding out just what happened.

Now director Sam Barlow has another project in the works: Telling Lies, a spiritual successor of sorts to Her Story. The game will be a political thriller, with a completely new story to tell beyond Her Story's grounded scope. It's yet another FMV game, but with "a much bigger canvas and higher production values," according to Variety. The interactive movie-game has plans to begin filming in late 2017 or early 2018. Barlow's in the midst of scripting the new game, and hopes to cast Hollywood talent in it.

For inspiration, Barlow's sights are narrowed on particular films. “Imagine Steve McQueen’s Shame mashed up with [Francis Ford Coppola's] The Conversation,” Barlow told Variety. Annapurna Interactive will be publishing the game. Formed from Annapurna Pictures last year, the games publisher have since published What Remains of Edith Finch and have plans to publish The Artful Escape and Ashen in the future.

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