Her Story Creator Reimagines 80s Classic WarGames

This new interactive series revisits the Matthew Broderick film.

News by Mike Williams, .

An entertainment company called Eko announced today an interactive series that reimagines the classic 80's film WarGames. The new title is #WarGames and comes to us care of Her Story developer Sam Barlow. Like Her Story, the games tells its tale through a live-action medium.

"With '#WarGames' I was thrilled to take the questions raised by the original movie and ask them again in a world where technology has fundamentally changed our lives. To do that interactively felt like a perfect marriage of form and content," said Barlow.

"I am excited to introduce viewers to the new hacker protagonist, Kelly, who represents the breadth of modern hacker culture and its humanity," he added. "As viewers help steer her story, I hope they will fall in love with her as much as the '#WarGames' team did!"

#WarGames is coming to undisclosed platforms in early 2018.

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar 3 months ago
    Very interesting, and at least it's not loud and pompous like a reboot project from Hollywood.
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  • Avatar for nimzy #2 nimzy 3 months ago
    I imagine it'll end up looking like the Mr. Robot TV series. Even without the analog hardware and 80s neon cyberpunk can still work. After all, we're living in it.
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