Here are the 5 Weirdest Final Fantasy XV Mods

Here are the 5 Weirdest Final Fantasy XV Mods

I'm glad someone finally started thinking about the well-being of Gladio's nipples.

When Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition came to PC, the ability to mod the game wasn't too far behind. You don't have to go far to find mods that add new accessories, enhance the game's graphics, and—as this list demonstrates—just make things weird.

It's a bit of a challenge to make Final Fantasy XV weird through mods; this is the same game that canonically lets you play as Gordon Freeman. Never under-estimate the boundless imagination of modders, though. They never fail to make you tilt your head and say, "What?"

These mods provide excellent examples of what I mean.

Replace Ignis with an Eyeless Thomas the Tank Engine


Parents of young children know that when it comes to sounds that stir up our rawest, most primal sense of dread, the roar of a dinosaur-sized predator impeding your progress has nothing on the theme song for Shining Time Station. By now, the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine is arguably older than most dinosaur species, but the immortal steam engine just keeps chugging along. It's all that children's blood he uses to lube up his gears, you see.

In other words, this is one train you want on your side when it comes time to face off against Final Fantasy XV's most vicious monsters. Here's a mod that shifts Ignis from his role as Noctis' gentle-souled mentor into a killing machine with a dapper coat of sky-blue paint. Choo choo mother-effer, it's your mother-effing death day. Oh, and the Thomas model used in this upgrade lacks eyes for that special "Mechanical Elder God" touch. Enjoy.

Replace Noctis with 2B from Nier: Automata


We already know Thomas the Tank Engine will sooner smash your guts across a railway crossing than give you the time of day, so maybe the benevolent 2B is a better fit for Final Fantasy XV's cast of world-savers. Here we have a mod that turns Noctis into the famous Platinum android who considers pants a sometimes-accessory.

Dang, Noctis' run animation does not suit 2B's figure. Forget "Glory to Mankind," how about "Glory to Whomever Can Do That Crazy Run While Wearing Heels."

Prompto and Noctis Get Wet


You may be shocked and distressed to learn making nude mods for Final Fantasy XV is proving harder (!!!) than you might think. Here's a compromise for now: Put Prompto and Noctis in thin white T-shirts, place them near a waterfall, and let nature run its course. You know Square Enix would jump at the chance to let Final Fantasy XV's boys rep the Calvin Klein brand in some ad. I guess this mod is hardly any racier than what you'd see on a billboard if such a team-up ever does come to fruition.

It's still kind of funny to imagine Prompto and Noctis constantly running off and giggling in search of a waterfall while Gladio and Ignis are left alone to slaughter yet another pack of Dualhorns.

Replace Prompto With Shrek


Of course there's a mod that lets you replace one of the boys with Shrek. You knew some-BODY would try it. That said, this mod turns Prompto into something that resembles an ogre's breakfast more than it resembles Dreamworks' undying meme-animal.

I love this mod for its imperfections, though. We've seen Shrek game mods that are darn near professional, but this broken pile of jagged green slop is remarkable. Shrek's hands look like two jars of green Jell-O dangling off four—count 'em, four!—elbows. The Prompto Shrek mod is a beautiful and terrible monument to humankind's hubris, like the sight of dawn-lit seagulls wheeling around a mountain of trash.

Decorations for Gladio's Nipples


Gladio's got some nice abs, and he's not afraid to flaunt 'em. Dude loves to run around shirtless. If the sight of Gladio's bare nipples bother you because you can't stop thinking about how much they must chafe when he puts his jacket back on, don't despair: Help is on the way. This simple mod lets you add pasties to Gladdy's headlights. Stars. Fruit stickers. Hearts. Or for the modest adventurer, plain old Band-Aids.

We can't help you build a mod that'll turn Bahamut into a tabby kitten or anything like that, but our extensive Final Fantasy XV guides are a great resource for everything else you need to know about the game. Take a look.

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