Here's an Absolutely Disgusting Trailer for "Reverse Horror" Indie Game, Carrion

In space, no one can hear you scream.

News by Matt Kim, .

In what's being described as a "reverse horror game" the developers behind the indie game Butcher have started work on a new title, Carrion. The debut trailer of the pre-alpha gameplay frankly looks both disgusting and awesome.

In Carrion you'll play as what I can only describe as a Hellraiser-style eldritch abomination. Kind of like Super Meat Boy if he came out all wrong, like completely wrong. Playing as this sentient meat monster, your job/mission appears to be terrorizing and eviscerating the crew of some kind of spaceship, hence the "reverse horror" label. In Carrion, you're the monster.

The trailer shows off some neat physics, and environment kills. But it's the sound effects that really make my stomach churn. Hopefully there's an option to maybe tone down the squelching noise, if only because I'd like to keep my lunch while playing. Carrion also looks to implement some platforming, but it's hard to get a grasp on how exactly movement works considering the meat monster in Carrion can use its tendrils to grab onto walls to jump and move.

In terms of your capacity for evil, it looks like the monster can either fling its victims across a given stage, bash them into objects, or even eat them. Anyway you look at it, you play one hell of a monster.

Since the game is still pre-alpha, the release date isn't until February 2020. But it looks like the game will be featured at the annual Media Indie Exchange held at the same time as the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

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