Here's an X-Ray of the Nintendo Switch's Guts

Here's an X-Ray of the Nintendo Switch's Guts

Everything looks to be in order, doc.

The Nintendo Switch is a compact system, but it has a nice, heavy feel to it. It's dense, for lack of a better word.

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Over the weekend, a redditor named DEVILneverCRIES took an x-ray of his Switch tablet with the Joy-Cons attached, and the resulting picture really gives you a visual for the Switch's heft: Everything inside is packed nice and tight.

"Ooh, no wasted space at all," remarks another redditor, "unlike Wii U's gamepad!"

Indeed, the Wii U's gamepad has a lot of empty air in its plastic shell. While it makes the gamepad very lightweight, it also feels a bit cheaper than the Switch. Of course, all that extra space to move and breathe was probably very nice for the little machine gnomes that live inside of game systems and make Mario move.

DEVILneverCRIES works in radiology, which is how he got a chance to snap a pic of the Switch's bones in the first place. A redditor named TheAdAgency told him "You know, you could make a whole youtube channel out of x-raying everyday things," to which he responded "I'd be fired eventually! Probably worth it."

The Switch still works fine, as x-rays can't give machines cancer.

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