Here's Final Fantasy 7's Weird Chocobo Chick in Action

Here's Final Fantasy 7's Weird Chocobo Chick in Action

The DLC summons step forth.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a few DLC summons, including that weird Chocobo Chick that kinda looks like Guy Fieri. Today, we can glimpse some of these DLC summons in action.

You can check out the strange Chocobo Chick in action just below. When Cloud summons in the creature, it'll periodically rain down small lightning blasts on an enemy. Small lightning blasts for a small creature.

Further down in the same thread, you can see two other DLC summons in action. Firstly there's Carbuncle, which casts a small protective shield around Cloud and company in the midst of combat.

Finally there's Cactaur, who you can summon into battle to rain down needles on a particular enemy. This summon actually looks like the most useful of the bunch, truth be told.

To get all of these DLC summons, you'll need to pre-order any edition of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The prolific remake releases April 10, 2020 on PS4, and could be coming to PC next year in 2021. The remake demo might have leaked on the PSN Store, but there's still no confirmation of a release date for the demo as we get closer to the final launch of the remake.

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